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  1. I doubt the PC gaming community would die out, it's absolutely huge. I'd say 3D, when it starts to work well anyway.
  2. Ooh the new 5 series BMW's are really nice, my mum won a gold 2011 one in some draw. She also won a 2011 silver 3 series in the same draw Car's are way too expensive to own in the UK, which is why I'm kind of putting off the idea of owning one just now. £100 a month for insurance is just too much. But I'm going to try and find a nice golf when I do decide to get one, better be going cheap
  3. Erm WW2 was fought with bolt action rifles and sub-machine guns like the Thomson, not with M4's. Sorry to be off-topic
  4. Any mouse for GTA is good really, it doesn't require super pinpoint accuracy.
  5. I don't see why people bother to argue about it to be honest, it's a sub-machine gun.
  6. MattJP I play Bad Company 2 basically and that's about it... also play Civ 5 every now and then.
  7. Very good, lots of stress from upcoming exams but other than that I'm awesome. you?

  8. It's late but thanks :P only just saw the comment

  9. Please do, curious to see what it is
  10. Its an MP5K. It looks very similar to the sub-machine gun in GTAIV except it has a grip on it.
  11. Steam is having a Rockstar sale at the moment and today you can buy GTA IV for only $4.99. The complete pack including all DLC is also available for only $9.99. Seems like too good of an opportunity to miss for those of you who still don't have it. I'm pretty sure though it's only for today so grab it while you can
  12. Yeah well that's the reason why I don't let game reviews affect my buying decisions any more. Like you said sometimes you might enjoy a game and think it's great but it seems like every other review out there seems to criticise the game (for me that game is The Darkness). If I like the look of a game I'll get it. My opinion on things is very different to everyone else's, it's the same for everyone too.
  13. Yeah doubt this is possible unless you play it on windows on your mac. I doubt someone would make a downgrade patch as well seeing as how old the games are.
  14. I think it would be a good idea, its something that none of the other sites do so it would give people a reason to visit TGTAP (like Pedro said). It would also stop a lot of the topics which pop up on here with people confused as to what to do in a mission!
  15. Moved this to the gaming section
  16. You can also change it somewhere in your profile settings, e.g: look at my one
  17. I've got a pair of these Chris and they handle dubstep pretty well, do very well for sub bass. I'd recommend them but if your planning on running for example with them then I'd look for something else, heard lots of complaints that they fall out occasionally during exercise with a lot of movement.
  18. This. Don't spend more than you need to, your just conning yourself.
  19. To be honest I always wondered why they were still up, it was clear that they were lacking the activity to remain a big enough competitor to other sites (if there is any, don't know). The main focus should really be on making sure that this one doesn't die out too. Activity is starting to come back despite it being small, but it still doesn't put TGTAP out of the race for one of the best GTA websites. Sooner or later news from Rockstar itself will start to come out and will help rebuild the old community as well as bring in a lot of new members, that is if we don't die out before then.
  20. Suppose it depends what kind of music your into, if you like songs with bass in then find some nice bassy headphones, but then that might be annoying for movies if you can't change the EQ. I'd say to look through customer reviews of a few that you've selected and then make your decision. ALWAYS research what your going to buy otherwise you might regret that you didn't. Too many times that's happened to me. That pair you posted sound reasonably good though, only 2 real complaints from reviews: one about how the bass is not good enough and one about how they are not built well. I'd also suggest you bring your iPod or whatever you might use along to a shop and just try out different headphones for yourself rather than judging it by a picture
  21. Welcome Marauder! Good to see another Elder Scrolls fan
  22. Seems like a likely cast for a GTA game, could be possible! It also seems around the internet that people believe this is (if it is true) only random characters and not main ones, probably why you don't see a likely protagonist in the list.
  23. LOL Couldn't the T-Rex just stomp on them? If I ever saw a million kittens my heart would melt. KITTY this has to go into my pile of randomest shit I've ever read
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