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Status Updates posted by Mpilk901

  1. Get well soon!

  2. Pfft I'm better than you at COD.

  3. Sup Mr. Money!

  4. It's ok I guess. Dreading my GCSE results which I get on Thursday. If I get the grades I want to get though then I will be on a plane to a boarding school in Scotland, woop!

  5. That is a very nice signature you have there sire.

  6. That's a change, usually I'm the youngest.

    Hows it going?

  7. Jealous! Can I come?

  8. Yay! One of my signatures is in your about me :) Also I repped one of your posts but because I thought it was good.

  9. Hey, yeah it was good thanks you?

  10. Sexy signature.

  11. Thanks buddy, good luck in Geography too! We're both gonna fail it haha.

  12. Could you make it ANY more obvious that this is a duplicate?

  13. Nice signature.

  14. How you finding your PS3? Been playing it much?


  15. Hahahahaha I fucking love your avatar dude!

  16. The Admin with no name....

    DUN NUN.

  17. Sweet man. I'm gonna add you on PSN when I get my PS3 back k? put it away for my exams.

  18. No way! I never knew urine came from a girls vagina! You learn something new every day I guess.

  19. 2,000 posts yay!

  20. Welcome to the forums!

  21. Awesome signature and avatar.

  22. Haha fucking awesome photo.

  23. You still active? PM me if you want information on modding SA.

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