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Status Updates posted by Mpilk901

  1. Shit's alright, got exams soon so under a lot of pressure. You?

  2. Well that came as a surprise.

    Serves him right though.

  3. *agrees with TM.*

  4. I opened my window and felt the breeze and I


    I woke up to my alarm clock and I


  5. I saw your signature and I jizzed in my pants.

  6. What's with your join date?

  7. Oh my god I cannot wait for MW2. Like seriously.

  8. I'm just trying to think which staff made this.

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Lol ok who made this account?

  11. Sweet avatar!

  12. Your computer scares me...

  13. I'm glad you found a use for my discovery of Raymond's avatar!

  14. Where have you been? The forums are a little grumpier without you :(

  15. Thanks for ruining CW for me.

  16. Your recruitment topic seriously kicks ass, great work.

  17. Oh, I saw a picture of you playing one on your Facebook and I assumed it was yours :P

  18. Nice signature!

  19. Hey what's your PSN?

  20. Come on msn! We haven't talked in ages.

  21. Funky PC you got there.

  22. Hey I'm just curious, did you end up buying Flower for the PS3? Also is it any good?

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