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Status Updates posted by Mpilk901

  1. I lol'd at your signature.

  2. Best Signature EVER!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Shhh, I'm undercover...

  5. Your signature looks badass man!

  6. Happy Birthday Dood! Lucky for you the world didn't end today :D

  7. Haha I really like your avatar :)

  8. Happy birthday Chris!

  9. Happy Birthday Arthur!

  10. Timeshare is genderless and is loving VCS ;)

  11. Award for best about me page EVER!

    And to the l0z3r below me (lulz), NWA are amazing!

  12. Am I really the only person who's been there? I thought loads of people from here would of seen it :P

  13. Thanks mate, yours is pretty badass too.

  14. I'm loving your animated sig!

  15. "Why So Jealous?" :)

    Baaaaaaad Joke hehe. It sucks though because I can't upload it as my profile picture for some reason...

  16. I got it cut! Was trying to upload a new picture but it won't let me for some reason :(

    Btw I forgot to say this earlier, nice sig and avi! They look amazing.

  17. Just a bit of advice, if you want people to like you then don't criticize them when there trying to help you improve your stories.

  18. Well whoever it was I don't look like them anymore, I got my hair cut!

  19. Hey thanks for the sig I almost forgot about it!

    Yeh its fine the way it is don't worry about it.

    Cheers man!

  20. Haha, nice profile pic ;)

  21. Why so serious? =]

  22. Now THAT is a sweet sig.

  23. Dude, I absolutely love your signature!

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