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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Only 1 Star. I'll vote you up :)

  2. Yeah, you killed me about 10 times in the match before we all left the game.

  3. Your still good.

  4. Your good at MTA. *Adds to friend list*

  5. Thats Gimmick Stealing. :P

  6. Yeah that would be good if you [sarcasm]couldn't[/sarcasm] could

  7. btw I didn't call you a slut.

  8. Hello! *Adds as friend*

  9. lol. ZOMG. I did except this will be mmy 6th

  10. Oh yeah. O rly

  11. lol I won't (Not really I Will). Joke

  12. I' doing goodz, you?

  13. Yeah, It's the amount of posts correcting people.

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