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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. 37 Posts to go until 1000!

  2. :( I added you to my friends list...ages ago. But I'm not on yours :(. Oh well *Moves on*. lol j/k
  3. You can change your display name now! lol

  4. Hey, how you doing?

  5. I rated you for the first time = 5 Stars I rated you :P

  6. Its not the only time. I have made about 8 Changes since joining in March :P

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Cool, I've got exams in December this year.

  9. hey, how are you...

  10. Hey man, Whats your MSN. I'm Begging (Like you asked)

  11. Hey man, whats your MSN.

  12. I PMed you my Addy!

  13. Hey man. How have you been recently?

  14. Happy Birthday

  15. Whoa! You joined on the 17th October 1981. lol. Check it out.

  16. Come back. We miss you!

  17. you were the first person to welcome me. We all miss you being here!

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