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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Silberio is back...again :o

  2. Happy Birthday ;)

  3. Ha-pee Birthday!

  4. Come on MSN, I need to talk to you about something!

  5. We are sorting it out.

  6. Happy Birthday! I really do hope you have a great birthday!

  7. Ummm, lol. Whys your forum offline? "YOU GUYS JUST GOT FUCKING OWNED BY DESOLATE AND ELEMENT!!!!"

  8. lol, welcome back :P. Your getting a bit inactive :(.

  9. Hey, haven't seen you around much recently :(. Congratulations on winning "Hottest Member 2007".

  10. I am already on :P

  11. Coming on MSN?

  12. Thanks for closing that topic for me :).

  13. Thomas.

    O.o one letter for a Display Name :P

  14. Banned for Multiple Accounts I see?

  15. Damn I was gonna say what Arucard said. Happy Birthday! :)

  16. I know this is late but GTA Don gave me them.

  17. You coming on MSN...?

  18. Do you have MSN?

  19. Do you have MSN?

  20. Doesn't Matter v v :P

  21. Can you upload an Image for me. No Image uploaders work. If you can upload it for me, I'll send it on MSN. Its my new sig.

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