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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Rated you 5 Star

  2. Welcome to The Gang Man

  3. I was just. You know singing a song. lol

  4. I was talking about you lol *Bows* down to the *bows* down to the king

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Come on MSN and i'll send you your sig

  7. Bow down to the bow down to the king

  8. I'll make it tomorrow but i need 2 go to bed now

  9. Hello. Welcome to TGTAP

  10. Hello. How are you

  11. Hey. So you and Jade have sort of put your differences aside

  12. I added you to my friends list since your in my gang.

  13. Hello? How are you?

  14. Hey YJ your 5 Star

  15. I like your new name

  16. Thanks. Your quite smart too

  17. Hey QD. How you doing

  18. Hey Woozie. How are you

  19. TG. Seriously you dont need to leave your a Brilliant friend man.

    Anyway Thanks for being there for me.


  20. Hey. How are you

  21. i wanted to get away from most of the hassel. Read the Private Forum

  22. hey.

    Me and FireX (Woozie) have left Venato Mafia incase your wondering

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