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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Hey man Do you have MSN

  2. Where are you man. i enjoyed you being here welcoming eveyone

  3. Your very helpful

  4. Your Avatar is Rather Amusing

  5. Hey I just Applied for LCF in the Gang System. How are you Man?

  6. I have applied for LCF. Woooo

  7. I know you were joking. I like expanding Jokes lol

  8. I just Reply to Posts in the Private Forum. Everytime I go in it someone has posted???!!!!!

  9. How come Your Flag is England but Your Location is The Netherlands? lol

  10. Hey Man. How are you?

  11. Happy Birthday Man!

  12. You just reached 1700 (*celebrates*) not me.

  13. 1700 posts now (*celebrates*)

  14. I see you don't go on GTA Real Estate Often

  15. Yeah its Quite a good Sig. Iceage

  16. Welcome to TGTAP

  17. Nothing Much Really.

  18. Nothing Much Really

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