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  1. United Kingdom The greatest islands on earth < Scotland
  2. i need a train ticket i live in Scotland. The missions got removed because you were to fly a dodo into the Love Media building thats how you were to kill love. Also it was because of 9/11 attacks in NYC
  3. i wont because i havent got photoshop. Sorry
  4. And the loading usually takes a while or having to reset the browser
  5. I still sort of think its the large ammount of guests because before the server goes there is about 112 guests and after it goes theres 96 guests or something.
  6. can i get 2 more credits ($150 getting sent) use them now
  7. Prices Sigs 400 x 150 >> $100 400 x 200 >> $150 500 x 200 >> $250 Avatars 50 x 50 >> $25 100 x 100 >> $50 Examples Games to do Sigs from VCS LCS SA VC
  8. What do you think. If you want one i will change the name and it will cost $100
  9. I dont really think you should stay at Sher-E-India its Empty only you and the don left
  10. can i get a Kruger EDIT : Actually can i get both your Shotguns, Kruger and the Armour *paid ya $3630*
  11. Ok cool so i take it thats when you will do the Credits
  12. July still most popular
  13. ive not got a strategy guide and ive lost the manual
  14. I would have thought his weight would have slowed him down (Joke)
  15. Shotgun For 600 because your not getting many customers Lately.
  16. can i by any chance get another Credit. For $75 (Userbar Thing)
  17. I'll take one Credit *Money Sending*
  18. yeh now the don has requested for you to do one
  19. Anyone would say that. Everyone thinks they are mature.. I know for a fact that I am mature. I'm May the 15th 1993 I'm 13 now. i dont copy nothing so im mature
  20. July is so far the most popular
  21. whoe cool TV but ive got a TV. The shipping costs will be cheaper because i live in the UK aswell
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