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  1. Thomas.


    looks sooooooo real i even thought it was a real gun with clips
  2. mabye they might have Tax Discs
  3. Mabye actual seasons and actual concerts, events ect
  4. ouch that must have hurt aswell Elite Smurf
  5. and Pawn shops like in True Crime - New York City
  6. it has to be one of the most Boring gta games made. I like gta 2 better than GTA VCS
  7. playing GTA SA doing stunts and other things earlier today
  8. In San Andreas You saw about 10 Croupiers and 10 Valet Parking People wedged into one street and im like how many of them are there. I hope Also that most building you can climb, have interiors just like the real NYC
  9. do you think there going to be the same. i.e Admiral, Sentinel, Kuruma, Shamal, Dodo ect I think a few will like the sentinel
  10. and Speed Limit Signs and a less longe sequence of Traffic Lights. And Temporary Traffic Lights
  11. double length day instead of 24 Minutes it could be 48 Minutes
  12. lol nothing much happened today except i woke up at 13:00 because i stayed up to watch WWE Wrestlemania 23
  13. yeh building you can destroy and actual construction with construction workers building. Make holes in grounds with a nuclear bomb or someother bomb.
  14. I had a quick bash at it and....... Without Letters
  15. i dont why FBI Rancher is so popular because its got 4-Doors and its Longer
  16. Its liberty City it should have snow like in San Andreas
  17. i'll go change it tomorrow because its 23:44 and i cant be bothered
  18. yeah that was something i felt like adding
  19. now i begin to wonder why the Sentinel XS is so popular
  20. I think the world will end in 3 years with the "Nuclear Armageddon" what meant to happen in March 2010
  21. i know but im more mature for the GTA series
  22. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...rCP&CODE=22 <<<<<< There
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