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  1. talk about getting a pipe burst on Easter. I expect it to be back up withing 2 days
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/taysid...ral/6539119.stm At about 4:30 in the morning On the 8th April 2007 (Easter Monday) The Local Pipes around Hallglen and Lionthorn (where I Live) Burst due to Construction. Even though BBC.co.uk say that Water will be back up at 5:00 PM BST its currently not back yet. Most people around us (including my family) Had to go to the shop to get water to supply for the next 2-3 Days. Stupid construction workers.
  3. you sold it back to the shop. So may i ask for you to send the $3630 or buy back the weapons and send them to me
  4. Unless it takes a while for me to get them
  5. Airgun. Im actually 4th Youngest Jaako is 3rd Youngest, Nate 2nd and Spartan Youngest I will post a modern picture as in my other picture i have long hair (sort of) and now i spike it up and its short.
  6. You probably need to clean the disk or reinstall VC and delete the VC Program Files Folder (Save Games Will not be delted as they are in Your My Documents Folder). If it continues you might need to buy Vice City again
  7. cool video TG. I rated it and commented on it aswell
  8. What do you think. Yakuza Stinger
  9. Yeah, no XS version in SA A lot of people get confused with sentinel XS and Sentinel i recognise it because it has a Leone Sentinel back window and i think sometimes a spoiler. Its also faster too.
  10. Congratualations To NORWICH. Norwich are 14 with 53 Points.
  11. Cool template Tommy. I would make one but i cant even be bothered
  12. I say 9/10 because of the quality of it. It was great quality.
  13. im listening to Sugababes Vs Girls Aloud - Walk this way
  14. i will also wait until you put it on Youtube because that site TGA does let you register properly. Great stunt video QD. Best SA stunt Video ive seen
  15. so can use my credit what i bought earlier this wekk please
  16. I didnt know you could get Sentinel XS's in San Andreas oh well i stand corrected
  17. I'm still the youngest, wooh! Me dreaming about playing GTA 4 and yes, My sister is a slut. Nate10's young than me by 18 days So im 3rd youngest
  18. he has already written landstalker........i think that is moonbean!! Yeah its moonbeam but please ram dont point things out because i think everyone knows i meant moonbeam
  19. Link to Man U and Roma Violence BBC.Co.uk Man Utd and Roma Violence Its a number of Utd fans came back to the UK with Stab wounds and battered to (almost) Death.
  20. FF is safer than IE as Viruses and bugs cant easily get through FF
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