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  1. Dont know any more though
  2. ebay.co.uk <<< UK ebay.com <<< USA http://www.ebay.in/ <<< India
  3. No i couldnt have could I (Joke) No-one had posted it Before so i had to post it if ya know what i mean
  4. Sometimes it's even stupider. Hit the front, damage the back Yeah Like this ^^^ and if you have the smallest bump with the lampost your lights stop working
  5. Characters Giovanni Casa Kasuki Kasen Jane Hopper Leon McAffrey Paulie Sindacco Vincenzo Cilli JD O toole Savatore Leone Maria Donald Love Toni Cipriani Toshiko Kasen Avery Carrington Ray Machowski Ma Cipriani Weapons Chainsaw Chisel Baseball Bat Hockey Stick Katana Machete Pistol .357 Micro SMG Tec-9 AK-47 M4 rifle Minigun Rocket Launcher Grenades Flame Thrower Molotov Cocktails Shotgun RADIO STATIONS Double Clef FM Flashback FM K-Jah LCFR Lips 106 MSX 98 Radio Del Mundo Rise FM The Liberty Jam Head Radio Vehicles Coming Soon
  6. i am on almost all day = 7-9 Hours
  7. i hope it is better because in GTA SA if you hit a wall at a fast speed only the bumper comes off
  8. I mean a picture. in the small box click and enter the URL direction to the picture
  9. If they do ban it thet're gonna regret it once they play it
  10. i dont know because thats why i didnt add it
  11. funny lol chucking the Keyboard in the Garage
  12. another pop radio station like FLASH FM, FLASHBACK FM, LIPS 106, HEAD RADIO ect
  13. i hope it has speedometers
  14. Yeah i am and i said i took a quick bash mabye i might update it lol
  15. lol and fuel and indicators. Mabye a new HUD with inside the car
  16. Thats has to be Excellent News his plans backfired
  17. its 500 x 200 so they are a little big its just weird making them small because its hard to see the background image properly. Will change them tommorrow.
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