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  1. Damn! if only my pc version of GTA Vice City Worked i'd download the mod, use it and become mayor
  2. Flash FM is the best but dont ask me why! Mabye because its pop music
  3. drive bikes into houses because it can be weird seeing a vehicle in a building (apart from car showrooms like sunshine autos)
  4. dildo dodo was the hardest for me
  5. cool rumor but i dont really see it happening.....
  6. i only wish the interior of the malibu existed if it did it might have a very diferent interior than in 86 just like Vice Point Mall (aka North Point Mall)
  7. I cant wait for the trailer to come out tomorrow. It will tell alot of new things in GTA IV
  8. Mines is Ghetto Star because i have $241,794,689
  9. snow? real cars? real time? real disasters (aka Tornadoes ect)
  10. i hope it has snow and other weather in it.
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