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  1. welcome chris92 and thomas 765
  2. has anyone come across this problem with trying to apply for a gang. can someone plz help plzzzzzzz
  3. Liberty City will probably have some of its buildings there like the Church/Cathedral. I hope it has some of its Train stations/tracks there too (Subway, El Train) And i hope it has more bridges
  4. most of them had garages but they were'nt us able i also hate the heli sky limit
  5. yeh im joking but i can swim so its not possible by much
  6. That's kind of the Storyline in Vice City, but possible. Maybe he escaped from Russia because he was hunted by many people. Yeh except with the Mafia I think he might be a good protagonist because he looks like he doesnt give up
  7. I really do need to get a X-box 360 because that trailer was awesome. The way i found out it was liberty was the "Liberteen" sign
  8. ofcourse i wouldnt even be able to play the game when comes out that will be sooooo bad if i die
  9. it comes out in 2hours and 8 minutes
  10. yeh i quite enjoyed them aswell my favourite was the tanker one for some reason
  11. sorry i didnt know that he had sold out (Because it says Sold Items) I guess i clicked add reply twice and i didnt know he hasnt been on for a long time
  12. The small guy thinks hes good at singing but Carl, Kendl and Woozie think hes crap
  13. can someone plz help plzzzzzzz EDIT -
  14. yes i filled in "Right Hand Man"
  15. I try applying for the "Sher-E India" Gang But an error box with nothing in it appears can someone help!
  16. Yeh i want to join can i be Right Hand Man and Club Manager

  17. my favourite is caddy wi big wheels and taking bikes into buildings
  18. i think 7/10 even though it has better quality GFX than gta VC
  19. can i get a baseball bat will send $45 if u have any in stock *sorry for double post
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