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  1. I hacked the file that says what cars you can tune & what mods you can give them. Mower w/ nitrous + epic.
  2. Still, for the cost there was a bit to be had in both. I'd like to see a DL that opens all the vehicles & side work between all three (especially the bike racing from TLAD) but I liked them both although TLAD just made me want to build bikes. I recently bought two more.
  3. Not necessarily. There's a little latitude in the order you do missions in any installment of GTA IV. To your point, yes they could have watched it a little closer, but that could also contradict the "free roam" idea & that's R*'s biggest strength. In GTA III there was at least one mission that would prematurely end another strand.
  4. Does it crash in the same place or randomly? Is there a particular car that shows just before the crash? Most likely something ported over from GTA IV isn't compatible w/ the San Andreas engine. If that's not the issue there's probably a glitch in the scripting. Has anyone successfully ran this mod?
  5. The only ticket I got was for bitch-whipping a V-8 Durango w/ my V-6 'Stang, costing about $100. Totally worth it.
  6. It will also probably apply to Crackdown 2. I'm moving the X360 later tonight & should be back on XBL in a day or two. I play a lot of violent video games, too. Back to topic.
  7. Foor the moment the bike's on hold, lost my shop just as the snow flew & I'm currently finishing up w/ moving. God, whatta lotta crap to sort, but that happens when you share a life w/ someone for 11 years. I'm on my own now (she was pissed when she found out I bought a house outright) & one of my first priorities is buying a building, so no more getting the rug pulled out from under me just when I get started. I'll look around for a few & be back soon.
  8. Back from oblivian

  9. Maybe I can help, It's been awhile but I did a little of this. Files ending in .COL are collision files, that tell the game how the objects they refer to interact w/ other objects in the game. The models will have two files for each, one .DFF (the actual model) & a .TXD (the textures). The .DFF will just be a blank white object, like a car & .TXD will have the paintjob & other colored parts. Samil has you on the right track for the models, just remember to make a back up copy of any file you're going to edit before you start. What probably went wrong is something got deleted but wasn't replaced. this will cause the game to crash on loading. Suggest changing one thing at a time (model & texture for each) & test after each change. As for damage the weapon does, WEAPON.DAT in the DATA folder has that info & is a simple text file. Good luck.
  10. Lately I've been playing the hell outta all the COD titles. (You're going to hate me for this.) I landed a part time job testing rebuilt X-box 360s.
  11. Three words - Death from above. As long as they still have my Dragonov I'm in.
  12. My name is URBANOUTLAW & I run through life w/ a sword in one hand & a torch in the other. (Just ask my ex.)
  13. Well, vacation's over so back into the void. Later Taters.
  14. Presuming you're using PC version, hit PRINT SCREEN then pause your game & the Windows button for your desktop. Once there open Windows Paint & paste your image. Give it a name & save.
  15. More helpful info: If you're using the DLC version, Niko & Johnny's (If you played TLAD) parking spaces work. The homie w' the weapons truck can sell you Johnny's grenade launcher. All your favorite weapon spawns from GTA4 are still there. Also if you missed the marker in Luis' apartment, he can change outfits. You still can't buy them or change individual pieces but you have a few options this time. You can also visit the internet cafes & laundromats for some quick cash in the beginning of the game. If you start missions at Luis' mom's place you'll quickly open up the drug wars, they pay pretty good.
  16. Does anyone know if PatrickW (GTAVC Marina Carpark, GTASA "Hot Coffee") made a garage mod for SA? He posted his script in the READ ME of VC Carpark & that might be compatible.
  17. This one's kinda temporary but like I said, eventually I plan to be back. I think I'll even start work on GTASA Outlaw Spec 2.0. P.S. My X-box live is still active so I can be reached at URBANOUTLAW5150 there.
  18. To tune every vehicle you'll have to open the MAIN.SCR file & change the "type" of some vehicles like Dozers & big trucks. Same for emergency vehicles if you want to do them. You can tune tractors, golf carts, lawn mowers & bikes (+ others) w/ simple DATA editing. I'm not home so I don't have access to my stuff but I did some work on this awhile back. If I get access to a computer when I get home I'll post what I have w/ pics. Mower + Dubs + nitrous = epic funny.
  19. Gobble gobble! I figured I'd say hey & let you all know I'm still alive, just offline for now. I'm shooting for being back on by the first of the year but not guarantees depending on what happens in my personal life (still FUBAR). It seems all I had to do to get on line is drive across the country & hop a boat to Catalina Island for Turkey Day . Lost the shop, the landlord's wife rode his ass to rent the whole building & he didn't find the couch all that appealing (can't blame him there) but I got ahold of a 32 passenger bus w/ wheelchair lift & converted it to a mobile shop of sorts. Room for all my tools + an 8000 what generator to run the compressor & welder. I'm working on buying a small building or leasing a garage big enough for Vengence (about 85% done). THAT'S what tec looks like!? After playing SR2 I thought he looked like Tia Carrera. Now go to that voodoo that you do sooooo well. Later.
  20. Busy last couple weeks, moved t a new shop. Gave up half my floorspace but not have better heat, running water & a working bathroom foe $100 a month + electric. This would normally cost around $500 so I'm not complaining. I'll have more pics up soon.
  21. Also noticed an USAS style autoshotgun (similar to SR2's AS14 Ass-hammer). Shotgun = Good! For the Christmas download they should patch the new weapons & vehicles (& parachute) into the original game & TLAD. Niko & Johnny deserves cool Christmas gifts.
  22. Fair point, Husky & no offense taken. The tire's okay for now & will get cleaned before this bike hits the road. Eventually I'm looking at going w/ 150/18s on both ends (currently a 140/16 in back & a skinny 19 up front) but that's going to cost bucks. For now I've set a goal of $2500 to get it up & running (a road worthy Sporty is usually around $7000). This is working w/ what I have for now. As for the chain I'm considering using a later model belt drive, they're quieter & last longer. If I do keep the chain I'll probably swap to a newer setup that uses the sprocket as the rotor for the rear brakes. The forks will have to be swapped out for a wider front end when I change the wheels & that's also pricey. Ironically by the time I get this to look like the Zombie the left over parts will go a long way to building a Hexer. I've heard rumors of a basket case Panhead for $2000.... More pics- Like the shifter, the brake is at the wrong angle to use comfortably & lacks sufficient adjustment. The simple answer is to cut the part down. It's made from 1/2 inch steel rod, I'll use the 1/4 to make the joint stronger. The short piece of 1/4 is all I'll need. The 1/2 is cut down to length. The drill bit is a 3/16 I'll use for a pilot hole in the ends of the 1/2. The 3/16 bit is titanium & much stronger than the 1/4 bit I'll use for the final holes. I had to play around w/ the vise a little to get the holes properly aligned. This should give you a better idea of what I'm after. The weld will fill the gap & make a solid joint. I used some left over flat & set everything up on my magnets, now it'll be straight. It never fails. It's midnight & I'm making good progress until... IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE!!! Circled is the valve on the bottle. Take care when handling not to break this off, @ around 4500 PSI this is a compressed air rocket. When I was in high school, the metal shop had recent repairs to cinder block walls from an incident like that. The bottle punched through 4 walls & wiped out a bank of gym lockers. It's the next day & we're back in business. One of these days I'll pick up a spare bottle (about $135). I'm getting pretty good w/ the welder considering it's been 6-7 years since I've used it. A little grinding, sanding & some paint & now you can't even tell where it was chopped. (Now the brake will work right, also.) I'll be back w/ more later.
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