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  1. Just a side note, Reagan was one month short of 70 when he took office.
  2. Not sure how long it'll last, they usually wash it out after a day or two.
  3. Nice. Can we try that again, w/ some light?
  4. Do what my kids do, kool-aid. Less mess, washes up w/ water & it's environmentally friendly!
  5. Sound tracks? Driver: Parallel Lines had an awesome soundtrack.
  6. I've pulled down a few IPL mods that claimed to spawn vehicles & weapons but never could get them to work. Do you know the trick to that?
  7. In trunk of 'Stang. Never know when you'll need it.
  8. Got some time at the shop today so here's some more of the FUBAR fender. That light coat of black makes a good guide coat, on old auto body trick to show even the smallest blemishes. I use a scotchbrite pad to rough up the surface so the filler can better grip the part. This is the secret to effectively using body filler. The filler is a thick paste that won't set up until you mix in hardener. It doesn't take much, just run a straight line across the filler... ... & mix until it's an even pale color. Next, spread it on the part in thin even coats. Clean-up is pretty easy, just let it start to harden & it comes right off the plastic tools. Same for the palette, just a quick scrape w/ the plastic putty knife & it's gone. Before the filler sets up, a quick pass w/ a clean screwdriver clears any holes you want to keep. The darker areas are places where the sandpaper didn't cut into the filler, low spots that will need a little more. So it gets another this layer... ... & out comes the "cheese grader" file for course work. Next I use the body file & 50 grit paper. I also use a block w/ 80 on the edges. I'm making progress, just a couple spots to finish, The filler's done, now it's just finish. Another coat of black, this time several heavy coats. Tomorrow night after the paint has dried, I'll hit this w/ 220 grit on a full size vibrating sander. The paint will fill the sanding marks from the 50 & 80 grit I've uses so far. That's it for now & remember, look around you!
  9. Urbanoutlaw

    Saints Row 2

    It's been out long enough you should be able to get it cheap at any shop that carries used games. By now it should be $15-20 (US). The first one was a great game, worth it. Here's a useful glitch from the first SR, catch an armored car & get it to your garage. Take it out & ram stuff until it explodes (no cop attention from wrecking it) & pick up the $$$ it drops, usually around $5-7k. Go to your garage & call it up again, fix it for $500 & do it again. The armored car will be restocked w/ cash every time. In SR2 they fixed the glitch & the money only shows up the first time you destroy the car. Once it goes into the garage there's no cash.
  10. Yeah, not holding my breath on things getting better but thanks anyway. As she clears out her stuff it'll get less cluttered. No, that's next to it hiding under the beach towel behind the AR-15. You're probably seeing the Dragonov. The microwave's nice but I want the George Foreman rotisserie & the grill. He just makes that chicken look good. Cock-a-doddle-doo it's time for chicken......
  11. Thanks, I want this to be something nice, I'm going for a classic Shelby paintjob, gloss white w/ the twin blue stripe & a blue frame w/ satin silver details. If time allows today I'll try to get the rear fender finished tonight, or at least the bodywork.
  12. Script editing. I've used BW's Mission Builder to place vehicles in SA. There's also CLEO, although I haven't used it. Once you have the hang of placing vehicles you can also place weapons & play around w/ mission rewards. Start by looking at some of the script mods in the downloads section & read the READMEs.
  13. Urbanoutlaw

    Saints Row 2

    When you get ready to do the Somdei mission "Shopping Maul", hit me up on co-op & I'll help you get it.
  14. Life blew up in my face & I got delayed, but here's a taste - Fridge, microwave, 43"Sony w/ DVD/VCR, VCR & DVR (can literally record 4 programs & watch a 5th), PS2 & X360 w/ plenty of games. My friends... Go ahead, send me to my room.
  15. The DATA mads aren't as bad as you'd expect, just save the files in a BACKUP folder before you start editing & do them one at a time. PEDGRP.DAT sets where the peds show up. PEDS.IDE sets their characteristics. PED.DAT sets who the like/dislike. Have fun. RanxeroX - Whaddup homedog!?
  16. GTAVC has a few models in GTA3.IMG that aren't used in the final game. She's probably a beta ped.
  17. The mainstream tends to cut a lot. Right now I think Zippy the Pinhead has a chance against Obama, especially between "cap & trade" & healthcare overhaul. your thought on 2010/2016 makes a lot of sense.
  18. A matched set. Not much to add tonight, life blew up in my face & I've got a kid in the hospital so I haven't been at the shop much this week. I'll have more pics of the fender tomorrow when I finish the bodywork on it.
  19. Tomorrow I'll show you guys why you hate me.
  20. The hospital called her mommy & offered a refund. That kid's broken.
  21. A 700 is a good bike to learn on as long as you have a healthy respect, the minute you don't respect the bike it'll hurt you. But bikes are great, it becomes as natural as running. Just remember the most important thing about riding - EVERYONE AROUND YOU IS A COMPLETE RETARD & WILL DO THE STUPIDEST THING AT THE WORST TIME!!! Keep that in mind & watch for idiots & you should be fine.
  22. It's been awhile but that sounds right, 4 weapons in the kitchen of the house in Ganton. When you get to San Fierro, it's pictures that you take (weapons at your garage) & in Las Venturas you're looking for horseshoes (at the casino). They all count towards 100% completion.
  23. It's cool, let's just say I've recently gotten used to being "on my own". There isn't a set schedule, I fit this in when I have time. I would like to get up & running so I can still ride this year. No pics tonight, had dinner w/ my kids & I promised I'd spend time w/ my X-box, later.
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