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  1. Because deep down you're hoping Urbanoutlaw has a big damn pot of boiling water & lots of butter!
  2. No offense to the local guys, I don't even pay much attention to the guys in my area. I catch what I can of the big ones & fit it together from there. I wouldn't call it a BS response, Obama still collected paychecks for being a senator for a year & a half while running for President, & did little to no work as such. Palin's decision makes sense if she wants to get something bigger in the works & shows concern for Alaska's best interest. Did you see her unedited statement or just the highlights (serious question, no sarcasm intended)? If you saw the difference in TEA Party coverage between "mainstream" & Fox/ conservative talk radio then you know what I mean. I wouldn't count her out just yet, Palin's just not giving much to pick apart at this time.
  3. King Ring (GTA4), DL'd from R*'s site. Yes, Urbanoutlaw has SOME rap stuff.
  4. Did a little moving & dug the compressor & sand blaster out of storage. Haven't done anything w/ 'em for 5 years so I need to get a couple things sorted but I'll be ready shortly. A quick safety note, sand blasters shoot small bits of grit at high speed so don't point it at yourself (or anyone else). This thing can take the meat right off you if you get to close & eye protection IS A MUST (preferably a full face shield). I looked right at mine while I was getting the blaster & forgot it but I have the glasses from all the grinding. You can see how easily this takes of layers of old paint & leaves nice clean metal. What looked like a blemish in the paint turned out to be a crack in the metal. I think I can fix that. It's after 10 PM & I'm out of sand. You can cheat a little & sweep up the used sand, just pick out the large chunks of debris. I'll be building a blasting cabinet soon but this'll get me by for now. My rig isn't picky. The underside is done & this is as far as I got on the top. Since I'm quitting for the night I figured I'd shoot a light coat under the fender to prevent rust, (hate doing things twice) & I wanted to get an idea of how much work it'll take to make this part look good. Back later w/ more.
  5. The tanks are usually made of resin (my Dad made these back in the '70s & '80s. He also made rocket launchers out of the same stuff). I think carbon fiber string is wound around a form & sprayed w/ the resin, not sure from there. I was a 10-year-old kid then & don't remember the specifics from when he showed me around the plant.
  6. The frivolous ethics charges (All thrown out) have cost Alaska several million dollars & her personally about half a million. If the charges can't be proven, the PLAINTIFF should pay the bills. Not much scares her, you get that if you listen to her much (don't see many interviews in "mainstream" news so I understand if people miss them). Alaska might not have been the "headlines" but it's been an important issue, especially concerning domestic energy. One of the things that got her noticed was taking on corruption in her own party ("Put that sucker on e-bay") As for books & lecture tours, that's the quickest way to raise money & pay off the aforementioned half million in legal bills. Which "conservative" host was this? Between Beck, Hannity, Levin & Limbaugh I take in around 8 hours a day & haven't heard anything but continued support. Maybe she's not saying much because she's tired of being nit-picked by a bunch of retards.
  7. All I have to say about this guy is some people like their Eminems plain & some like 'em w/ nuts....
  8. Here's some more before I call it a day. When I was doing the battery box I decided to relocate the voltage regulator for more room, here's the original location. The rear fender support used to be an expensive chrome sissy bar until someone chopped it. I'll need the support, especially if I'm going to have a back seat (This IS to attract women). It's going to get a little work. I'm installing blind nuts so I'll only need 1 tool to install the bolts, the nuts will be permanent parts of the sissy bar. First step is to grind off the old paint & chrome. Forgot to take a pic but I'll show you the details in a few pics Ready to paint... ... & painted. It's hard to see but there's a little contamination resulting in a wrinkled appearance on a couple spots. The contamination is probably from grease or oil. For now I'm not worried about that, when I get ready to paint the bike it'll get sand blasted & proper painting. The black bracket is the part that clamps the fender to the frame. It's a poor fit & looks rough so it'll get some work. The part ready to paint, same as the fender support. Now for the main attraction. Can you say FUBAR? I knew you could. I think I got this. I never pawn tools (or weapons) so I've amassed a few. Some of my auto body tools. I start w/ cutting a little off the front to clear the battery. Again I install blind nuts, this time to save getting a wrench between the fender & tires. Short bolts will allow plenty of clearance from the tire. Here's the details from the pics I forgot earlier. Nuts welded & dressed w/ grinder. The 2 at the end mount the bottom of the voltage regulator. Here's some of the tools I'll need for this, a shrinking hammer & dolly. The serrated faces of the tools literally shrink stretched metal & compress ripples. That's a big issue on this fender. I start by grinding around the holes to fill & cleaning up burrs. Apparently a drill wasn't handy & someone literally had punched some of the (many) holes. The trick here is using the lowest amperage possible & w/ a MIG slow the feed rate of the wire. Otherwise you just burn bigger holes through thin metal. It also helps to "pulse" instead of a continuous bead. The end result looks a little rough, but the holes are filled. I'm going to wear out my little grinder by the time this bike's on the road, but now the fender looks a lot better. Now that the holes are filled & ground, it's time to do a little straightening. Note the marks from the hammer & dolly from earlier. Multiple layers of different kinds of paint would make a decent paintjob almost impossible so I'm calling it quits for the day. The fender is ready for proper bodywork. This means I need to get my compressor & sand blasting kit out of storage & into the shop. I've made a deal for more space, just have clear it & move in the rest of my tools/equipment. Later.
  9. What?!?! Where are the Mustangs!? JK, I'm probably going to upgrade Rocket Box (finally) so thanks for the links straight to the cars.
  10. For today's fun, I'll tackle the battery box. By the time I got done I was convinced the previous owner was riding around holding it in his lap. The battery I have was obtained based on the size of the one that came w/ the bike & it wasn't until after I had it that I found out how small the newer ones are, but this one was $25 as opposed to $80 & up. Time to get creative. Here's an approximation of the original location - Since the frame was converted to a hard tail, the battery now runs into the rear of the frame & would stick out too far. I decided to relocate it lower & inside the frame. It still sticks out a little but not as bad, just even w/ the primary cover & just clears the brake linkage & drive chain. For access the seat & rear fender are removed. Note the voltage regulator (yes, it's the same as an old Chevy truck), I'll relocate that to the fender & raise it a little. I'll cover that in the next installment when I get into the fender. This piece was salvaged from the windshield wipers of an old Ford pickup being cut up & made into a trailer. It's just the right size to raise the box off the frame. A quick safety note, I've been using cutting wheels on the little grinder a lot lately & this was bound to happen. If the wheel starts breaking & losing pieces, throw it away. The glasses are self explanatory. Marked & ready to cut. Parts are ready to use, just 3 of 'em Ready to start welding. The shiny parts have been cleaned w/ the grinder to ensure a good weld. My rig would probably do okay but I figured if I'm going to do it, do it right. Several quick tac-welds hold everything in place. More of the "do it right" thing, a quick pass w/ the grinder cleans up the welds nicely. No birdshit here. Insert lots of cussing. Some SOB walked off w/ my old Makita drill so it's off to get a new one. This otta' do it. And do it it does! A couple quick holes to bolt the box down.... .... & a couple in the frame to mount everything. Ready to paint. That silver engine paint I used on the shifter will do nicely. I'm getting a lot of mileage from that truck I'm cutting up, now it's a handy place to hang small parts for painting. While that's drying, I should clean up a little - Took just long enough to dry. The finished part, ready to install. More Allenheads, especially here where there's not enough room for a wrench or socket. Everything clears & it almost looks factory. Most importantly, the battery slips in & out easily (kinda the whole point of this). There was a nice chrome battery strap in the box of parts that came w/ the bike, but it's for an even bigger battery, so I use a heavy duty bungee for now. Aw, the classics. BTW, my shop now has a name, Outlaw Engineering. Tune in next time for - Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.
  11. Hydrogen looks good on paper, it just has to get past the whole "Hindenburg" stigma. Okay, a couple clarifications about ethanol. 1) Ethanol = Grain Alcohol, like whiskey etc. Methanol = Wood alcohol, such as poisonous rubbing alcohol. 2) If ethanol cuts into the food supply, then why is there a farm subsidy (US) where farmers are paid NOT to grow. 3) Nobody talks about the single byproduct of ethanol production, Dried Distiller's Grain. (Go ahead, google it.) For those who can't be bothered to look it up, DDG is health food for livestock. Another way to look at it is ethanol is the byproduct of making DDG. The only people ethanol (& bio-diesel) hurt are OPEC. On the subject of hybrids? Here you go - http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/04/14/neil-y...incvolt-hybrid/ Hey Spaz, grab some road munchies & let's roll (car is reputed to cruise at 80 MPH & have a top speed around 160 while getting near 100 MPG).
  12. Never saw the heli stuck in the ground but have gotten used to the occasional car stuck in the road.
  13. It's on the list, although the wheels will probably be replaced soon. If I'm feeling better tonight I'll tackle the battery box & have some more pics.
  14. Urbanoutlaw

    Saints Row 2

    Fair warning, CW also includes a nasty patch. The AI attack helis now have target lock.
  15. A Swiss Mushroom Runza (pocket sandwich) & onion rings, then some saw blades for my shop & a copy of Ironhorse to get some ideas for my bike.
  16. Serious answer- The short version is that female brains are wired for language & communication, the male mind is more geared toward numbers. They're probably designed to work together as a set. Not so serious effect. In a couple look who usually writes the checks & then who tries to explain it to the bank.
  17. The Feast, I want it all.
  18. ...& We're back. So I took a couple nights & cleaned up the shop a little, now I have a decent place to work. This should work nicely- Ready to install. Shifter in place & works properly. Note the tab is now pointing straight down but the shifter is at a decent angle & now matches the brake on the other side. Finished job w/ exhaust installed. One more thing done, just a few hundred to go. I probably won't get to ride this weekend but I'm a little closer. Later.
  19. Blue Mt. Dew = good. (But in all fairness, Subway finally put MY sandwich on the menu. Thank you Peter Griffin.)
  20. 1) Make sure you're using GTASA V1. 2) Make sure the file isn't set to READ ONLY.
  21. No welds on the frame itself (that aren't factory) so no probs there. besides, that's why you clean them up w/ the grinder & paint it.
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