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  1. Bulletproof tires are the single best investment, I see spikestrips all the time, something to do w/ hitting armored tends to annoy the LSPD so I have gotten used to seeing them. There's no "export" list, I liked those. Another MIA is having multiple safehouses in SP or online (aside from each character's separate garage in SP). It would be nice to have a couple extra places to stash usable vehicles.
  2. The single dumbest thing R* ever did was NOT taking the $50 mil from their GTA4/Microsoft deal & buying into the Havoc game engine. I have literally lost count of how many times I've died (in game) between GTA4, Red Dead & GTA5/GTAO simply because I lost the ability to spin on my heal to turn around as opposed to plotting a wide sweeping turn. The insult to injury comes from the little message that I committed suicide. In certain other games (cough cough Saints cough cough) I never have that problem. At least there's no horses in GTA, got tired of them falling out of trees on me in Red Dead.
  3. Has anyone else noticed the crates from TPI aren't Dropping? It's literally been a week since I've had one, even though I still get calls from Ron telling me I really should pick those up.
  4. Remember my CNN pic? It's all about the Mustang, so mine was also a Dominator. White w/ Blue striping & wheels similar to the ones on my 2000 Stang.
  5. I knew there was a reason we got along so well. I have had it w/ (insert LOTS of derogatory names here) & won't even bother going into a public session. One improvement I noticed is that the host can kick randoms from the lobby as opposed to randoms kicking the host in GTA 4. The sight alone of supercars in Star Junction still..... Let's just say I don't miss it. One improvement that comes to mind would be giving the host the ability to pause & kick problem players & if there's a reasonable suspicion of cheating tag the session for review. If someone is c aught cheating, they're banned. Same for hosts that repeatedly make false reports.
  6. Meriweather Mesa done easy - Have a buddy call meriweather mercs on you & kill them. Your buddy gets their $$ back for a failed hit & there's a shiny new MM just waiting for a home (how I got mine) Metallic pink w/ gold pearlcoat & trim goes great w/ Hello Kitty minigun. FAAABULOUS!!!
  7. The free boat was also nice (check Dock Tease website if you don't already have it) & I most of the clothes went straight to my wardrobe.
  8. Alternate tactic on armored trucks, pull up behind them at a stoplight, toss a stickybomb on the back doors & wait for the truck to start moving. Set off the bomb, grab what falls out & ditch the cops. If you set off the bomb while the truck is moving the guards just run & you can avoid the firefight. If you do this near a Railroad tunnel you also have a quick escape. I use this tactic routinely In GTAO & it has also worked in GTA V
  9. Johnny should have done that back in LC. He'd probabaly be a lot better off. OH NO!!! Did I type that out loud!?
  10. PS why can't you get messages?
  11. Spaceship parts - page 372 of Brady guide. There's a compound on the NW side of Mt Chiliad, the building furthest west has an assault shotgun, RPG & armor. WARNING - Franklin & Micheal are NOT welcom here, the Altruis will try to kill them Health is just inside the gate & also in the hanger of the air strip Trevor takes over. There's a SMG under the pier w/ the Ferris wheel & roller & south of that is a jetty between the marina outlet & the beach, more armor. Also getting into cop cars gives you a pump shotgun &/or 10 rounds. Tip on armored trucks, when they show up parked you have a few seconds to catch the guards outside. Whike unarmed walk up the one in back & coldcock him. He drops the case saving you the trouble of opening the truck. If he doees load the case, run around the the driver's door before he closes it & take the truck. Take it to remote location & bashing into walls until it catches fire usually dosn't get police attention & the case pops out the back. I usually get around $5k from these.
  12. This wade seems kind of young (GTA SA was set 20 years ago). As for Johnny, that's why you should stay away from meth.
  13. LaurieX (BTW, hello) - In case you didn't know GTAO has a passive mode to prevent other players from just killing you (although they appearently run you over or blow up a nearby car & get you w/ splash damage. Generally singl player has been good, the only glitch being the dissapearence of a few weapons. No big, weapons can be found free if you know where to look.
  14. To their credit, R* ks working to straighten out the problems, after 3 days I finally got past the first race (Lamar's Emporor looked good in my rearview), Having said that..... As I understand GTAO uses Cloud servers to save the game instead of the user's console - Your save is litterly someplace else. Considering R*'s past successes they should have expected a lot of players & saved the server capacity for gameplay. The same could be said for putting solo mode data on your console. Yes, that would put it closer to punk hackers being able to crack it, but by the time thet've figured out how to do a lag hack, pop shot or aimbot (Who hasn't run into these online) they probably know how to capture incomming data & get it anyway. Putting these 2 things directly on the player's consoles would solve a lot of problems. For those who haven't caught it yet, R* is talking about a way to compensate playersfor lost charachters, EXP money, etc. My current GTAO stats show about the right total so the data is probably burie in the cloud save somewhere (granted that's 1 good thing about the cloud) so just night be able to do it.
  15. Good question, especially since they worked in GTA4. It would at least be good for a patch/DLC
  16. He got buswacked after Denise flipped out & stabbed him 37 times w/ a carrot peeler Someone warn Chris & Sherm I'm back
  17. I finally get back online....Figures. Stay Golden & drop in when you can.
  18. Smile kids, Uncle Urban has an early Christmas gift. STEP1: BACK UP ANY FILE YOU PLAN TO EDIT!!! Having said that go into your GTASA folder & find DATA. In there is a file called CARGRP.DAT, listing all the cars & what groups of people drive them. You'll see various cars listed on each line ending w/ # POPCYCLE_GROUP_. Add ", fbitruck" to any line before the #. I chose criminals. The FBI truck now shows up in traffic driven by criminals in my game & you won't have to restart or anything like that. You can also give gangs different cars this way. It doesn't help w/ the Andromeda but you get the truck. If you have a screenshot of the RC Cam I can find the game name for you, I don't recognize that one but it's been a year since I even played SA. Enjoy.
  19. Whaddup homedog, long time. I tend to agree w/ FG on this one. The EA sports games are usually the most expensive for the first month than their prices fall faster than real estate in Detroit. The better approach would be to make DLC available for these games (say mid season) & collect off that making the older games worth a little more & still profitable. Not too long ago Microsoft payed someone $50 mil for something like that & made out pretty well. Continuing on the argument, by rights they should owe me something back for Godfather II being so short (100% complete in under 30 hours) & having dismally small maps. Not holding my breath on that. One of the things I've been up to in my absence is testing rebuilt X360s so I'm on the same page over how this affects the small independent shops that mainly deal in used games. Brought to you by EA, the company people love to hate.
  20. When you uninstall, defrag your hard drive before you re-install. GTA tends to be lazy & will re-use the files if they're still there for future installs. I know it sounds dumb but I've ran into similar things & that was the problem.
  21. Cartoon Network has Adult Swim. Venture Brothers = Epic.
  22. Off hand, I'd think he has either a faster computer (if PC) of better connection. If you're on a console you might consider getting it cleaned. If it's an X360 make sure it's set flat in a fairly open location w/ plenty of airflow (small fan does the trick) & see if it feels hot in the back or the right side.
  23. I'm guessing you modded your VC & changed some vehicles. I ran into that a little when I modded VC, triggered by some of the models. This probably happened because some of the cars were corrupted zip files or just not quite right. For future reference change one at a time & test each one before you go to another & of course, step one - BACK UP ALL FILES YOU PLAN TO EDIT FIRST!!! (Don't feel bad, you wouldn't be the first to fall into that one.) Good luck.
  24. Putting on a stolen cop uniform- "... A little tight in the crotch..." Finally, something CJ beat Tommy at. When he steals a bike he says things like "DAMN, YOU FELL OFF!" I go for the bikes too.
  25. For shotguns I liked the auto shotgun too (TLAD) until I realized Johnny could use the sawed-off from his bike, almost an instant car killer & making missions where you have to chase dowm enemies a lot easier. I also figured out in TBOGT you could park a Maverick in your space at Luis' savehouse, if you were careful. Every time I tried it w/ Yusuf's little gold it would disappear when I re-loaded the game. If you're playing either in the versions downloaded from XBL Nico's spots all worked for Johnny & they all worked for Luis. Does anyone know if this worked in the disc versions?
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