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Favourite TV SHow


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I was a bit surprised when i did not see a Favorite TV Show topic...So lets start one!

Anyway i still love TV so here is the shows i like




Family Guy

The start of Prison Break

Can't think of any right now.


BTW This is how you spell Favourite right?

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BTW This is how you spell Favourite right?

Yeah, that's right.

Anyway I like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Married With Children, Miami Vice, Knight Rider, Cops, Seinfeld, My Name Is Earl, Pimp My Ride, Mythbusters, Stargate SG-1, Friends and MacGyver, maybe there's more, I don't know, but well yeah this is what I'm watching most of the time you know.

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Hmm, there's quite a lot of TV shows that I like, I'll try to list most of them but I'll be back:

That '70s Show

Malcolm in the Middle

South Park

War at Home

Family Guy (getting kinda random at times now though)

Futurama (they are bringing it back pretty soon, hell yeah!)

The Simpsons (once in a while because I don't watch it that much)

The Winner (new show came out like two weeks ago, looks pretty good right now; might be a favourite later on)


CSI (Vegas, I don't like the other two)

Bam's Unholy Union (everytime I see it on I watch it cause Bam is pretty sweet)

Viva La Bam (same thing as the thing I just said above)

Mythbusters (awesome show, love some of the experiments that they do)

Can't really think right now, I'll post some more later.

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Yeah Cro but the title is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, anyway yeah man I enjoy that show, I used to watch that back in the good old days, yeah man, a pretty damn entertaining show. And don't forget about Baywatch, hehe yeah I know, sometimes it really sucks but oh man, the hot chicks!

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