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Good Narrator, Bad Narrator


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Basically, I will start off with a segment of a story that is positive to the main character. Then the second poster will post something negative that happens in the story to the main character. Then the third poster will post something positive, and so on...


1.Frank won the lottery and bought a new house.

2.But one day, killer snakes came out from the vents in his house.

3.Luckily, all the snakes wanted to do was play dominoes with Frank.

I will start the story off...

One day Evan was walking down the street, and saw a hundred dollar bill on the ground, so he picked it up with a grin on his face.

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Weird avi' dude, but funny :D

But it was a trap, so everything blows, then, he gets into a NYPD Chopper, and shoots down some dood, wich had nothing to do here, then, in the afternoon, he eats dinner with Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Brad Pit, Sandra Bullock, some other girl, and Anthony Hopkins

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