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Vice city knowledge game

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What SMG did the Forellis have in the mission "Keep Your Friends Close..."?

I believe they had the Ruger and the MP5 Long Version, with Sonny carrying the Ruger.

Sonny had a Kruger but the Forellis had Tec-9s.

@Silberio: That's Screw This. Tooled Up is in the North Point Mall.

Since no question was posted I'll make one.

Of the 7 asset properties, how much properties did you have to make assets of to attempt the mission Cap The Collector?

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Everyone answers the questions before they ask a new question in that topic. and Like i really care if you refuse to post in That Topic.

Really? So an answer of "I don't know" or "That's a dumb question" or "why do you keep asking that" is an ANSWER? Where did you go to school, because everyone must get straight A's for those answers.

Yeah, but i don't let peaple do that in the topic anymore, if they do so they get bitched out of the topic.

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bazzoka, sniper and the big machine gun.( forgot the name)

what is the turf of Haitians?

The answers were the Remote Grenade, M60, Flame Thrower, and Minigun

Answer to question: Little Haiti, northern parts of Little Havana (I've noticed).

you mean the Vulcan Minigun, meaby :D

What's the name of the old guy, very good friend of Tommy

Ernest Kelly.

Of the four SMGs in Vice City, which one wasn't in an Ammu-Nation?

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