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My Computer Screen


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from today, in the morning, i noted that my computer screen was sounding very weird, like a "zzzzz", or something, and i can see like horizontal lines moving, on the glass, kinda, please, someone tell me what this could be, i heard those noises from inside the screen.


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Maybe that.

But do you getting that what you getting when you screenshot your desktop.

I haven't the foggiest of what you just said. At all....

maybe the wire connecting to your monitor is lose or sumthing

some times my screen goes zzzz wen my cell is nearby

i dont think you'll be able to capture it wid a sceenshot though!!

That sound is going out from Audio devices witch means you have monitor with speakers.

Um, no. It happens to me when my cell phone rings and it's right near my monitor. And none of my monitors have had speakers.

My last monitor was doing that when it was going out. But that was months and MONTHS before it actually shit out on me. You're probably still good for a bit.

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Sorry for late reply, but the notification E-mail was on my "not wished" or "junk" folder :cigar:

Ok, now OT:

No, i got no device or something beside my monitor, just the web cam, and a stuffed (toy, kinda) dolphin :mellow:

and those lines does not apear on screenshots, also, when i got a darker backround, the "zzzzz" sounds a little lower.


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