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Gang Territory


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Im playing SA in ps2 and ive knocked out all visible gang territories but when i check the stats it says that there is still 1 part owned by the Vagos. Where is this, or is it impossible to own all the turf in LS? any help would be much appreciated.

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The last territory is located near the boat school.

This is about the gang territory in Los Santos, not the territory glitch making territories around all of San Andreas.

I am not talking about the territory glitch.That territory is original after mission Home Coming.

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"Half taken over a territory" makes no sense at all !!

It means that if u fled the fight or died in the war, it is :

It has green/violet blend in ballas case and lime green in vagos case

well, i agree that an extremely slim territory exists near petrol station~burgershot area near Vine wood

If u find the remaining territory, here's a TIP : dont take on any gang members, park a car in middle of the road so that both side traffic is interrupted. wait for at least 3 gang cars to come and stop ! Shoot @ the f00ls, start the war, win it ! Remember, don't start shooting unless u see atleast thr33 cars stopped on the road. GL :lol:

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