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Manhunt 2 banned in Britain


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Pretty bad news to people who like Manhunt, here's a artice saying the reason why it's been banned in Britain:

Rockstar's sequel to the controversial game Manhunt has been refused classification in Britain by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), because of its 'unrelenting focus on stalking and brutal slaying, and the sheer lack of alternative pleasures on offer to the gamer.'

The blood thirsty game was scheduled to be launched on the PlayStation 2 and Wii later this year, but the BBFC's decision now means that it can't be sold legally anywhere in the UK. 'Rejecting a work is a very serious action and one which we do not take lightly,' claimed David Cooke, director of the BBFC. 'Manhunt 2 is distinguishable from recent high-end video games,' said Cooke, 'by its unremitting bleakness and callousness

of tone in an overall game context, which constantly encourages visceral killing with exceptionally little alleviation or distancing. There is sustained and cumulative casual sadism in the way in which these killings are committed, and encouraged, in the game.'

The original Manhunt game also courted controversy after the murder of 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah by 17-year-old Warren Leblanc in February 2004. It was said that Leblanc mimicked the actions in the 18-rated game, and Manhunt was subsequently banned in Dixons stores across the UK. 'That work was classified "18" in 2003, before the BBFC's recent games research had been undertaken,' said Cooke, 'but [the game] was already at the very top end of what the Board judged to be acceptable at that category.'

Paul Jackson, director general of ELSPA (The Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association), commented that 'A decision from the BBFC such as this demonstrates that we have a games ratings system in the UK that is effective. It shows it works and works well. Any decision the BBFC takes, it takes on the basis of its remit to rate on screen entertainment.'

Manhunt 2 is the first computer game to be refused a classification since Carmageddon in 1997, and distributors have the right to appeal the Board's Decision.

Link: PC Pro

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This is probably because of that shooting a couple of years ago because manhunt 1 influenced a lad to kill his frend using grusome ways as well

Last year, a guy stole some cars and from what I heard he shot someone, he had a GTA tatoo ... And GTA is not banned in UK ...

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Rockstar can appeal this... But here is some info if you haven't heard yet:

BAD NEWS: Manhunt 2 has been banned in the UK, already! The BBFC has rejected Manhunt 2 on PS2 and Wii, the ratings board has revealed, meaning that the sequel “cannot be legally supplied anywhere in the UK”.

This will come as very bad news to the UK fans waiting for this Rockstar masterpiece. According to the BBFC, the decision to refuse the game a rating was taken by the Director and the Presidential Team of Sir Quentin Thomas, Lord Taylor of Warwick and Janet Lewis-Jones. But, any retailer has the right to appeal to the board’s decision.

Lets all hope for the British gamers [including me] will soon get their hands on Manhunt’s much anticipated sequel, but with so many people against it, this is becoming more and more unlikely! Stay tuned for updates on this.

Update: Rockstar have released a statement regarding the board’s decision, here it is:

“We are disappointed with the recent decision by the British Board of Film Classification to refuse classification of Manhunt 2. While we respect the authority of the classification board and will abide by the rules, we emphatically disagree with this particular decision.

“Manhunt 2 is an entertainment experience for fans of psychological thrillers and horror. The subject matter of this game is in line with other mainstream entertainment choices for adult consumers.

“We respect those who have different opinions about the horror genre and video games as a whole, but we hope they will also consider the opinions of the adult gamers for whom this product is intended. We believe all products should be rated to allow the public to make informed choices about the media and art they wish to consume. The stories in modern video games are as diverse as the stories in books, film and television. The adult consumers who would play this game fully understand that it is fictional interactive entertainment and nothing more.”

VIA: RockstarUncut.com


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It should put you in a bad mood! Once again it's a matter of personal responsibility. Someone has a stupid attack, hurts (or kill) someone & tries to blame a video game or movie or a damn song!

This jackass tried to blame the Beatles -


Guess I've been around long enough to get tired of seeing it.

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I think I know a way around this. I don't know if this works, but it's called 'NTSC to Pal Video System Converter for PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox', so you can play NTSC games on your PAL console :D Better bid quick, in order to get it though.


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