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Tom & Jerry


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Tom & Jerry 1940-1958 ( Original Series )


Both William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are dead, but their creation will always make us laugh ...

Important Links

Tom and Jerry Wiki

Unnoficial But Important T&J Site

Who here is ( or was ) a big Tom & Jerry fan ?

I like T&J very much, I can watch the same episode over and over again, never get bored ... These cartoons make me ROFL everytime ...

I have two fav. episodes, the one in which Jerry must sign a contract for Tom, if not Tom ends up in Hell :) and the one with that "Mouse Cathcer" very complex invention ...

One of the most funniest cartoons ever, so simple but also so complex ...

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DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to start a shitstorm w/ this one, please try to keep it in context.

Idiot liberals finding things to bitch about or trying to sound like they care. Like images from form WWII era cartoons might offend someone.

Another example is how over the last 30 years "Indian" has became a dirty word in the US. Although if asked, "Native Americans" call themselves "Indians", w/ considerable pride. There a few terms that are just plain insulting but political correctness gets a little carried away.

During OJ's trial, his lawyer was publicly accused of being a sexist for using the word "hysterical" in court, a prosecutor wasted

several hours arguing about in court.


This could also be because they failed to prove their case & knew it.

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you know who Tom & Jerry are? they are the GTA of the cartoons. they get so much lawsuit, hell, even if Jack Thompson live in that era and sue 'em, he'll be a millionare! i mean really, before T&J, parents never cared for kids over watching cartoons, probably back then, people think that cartoons are just fine, they're just for kids. but when you watch T&J nowadays, did your parents ever go: hey, what are you watching? and you said: a cartoon, and they said, well, is it violent? and then you said, your missing the point! it's funny, and then your parents talk: no go, i know it's T&J.

and we said: but, c'mon, i'm not going to blow the house with the cat in it, who does that???? i'm not a bomb expert! where the hell would i get TNT's from? the black market over at kindergarten???

it has happened to me -_-

and btw, nowadays, T&J is not really funny, esspecially because of the changed concept of the whole thing

i really like the classic, and believe me, my other friends whose age the same as me, classic T&J is still killing 'em :lol:

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