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The subways

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I wonder what these subways are going to be like...

If they take you to different areas around New York, will you be able to choose what you can do on the way to somewhere?

Example: On the way there you can cause chaos in the train or press a button to skip through the ride..

Will we be able to go through and explore the subways dodging trains along the way?

Will we be able to hide out down there to escape arrest?

What do you think?

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yeah i think you should be able to walk around on the subway and it would be good if we could take a bike down there so we can try to race the subways and or hide from the cops as long as the cops try to get you from the roads and try shooting through the ground lol

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I loved fooling around in the subways in GTA 3 and I probably will in GTA IV. After rewatching Die Hard 3 a couple days ago and then thinking about subway trains just gives me laughs if you Die Hard fans know what I mean :P

But yeah I hope the trains will be faster then they were in GTA3 and I'd like an option of whether seeing your whole ride or skipping ahead to your destination just like with planes in SA. Because it would depend on your mood of whether you wanted to take a look at the subway scenery (or cause chaos on the train) or just skip to the place you need to get to.

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I think the subways are going to be very similar to the ones in GTAIII, the only difference being that you can do stuff throughout the journey like whack people over the head and tell them to move.

lol that would be hilarious whacking them over the head

and if there were homeless sleeping on the subway then going up

to them and kicking them in the face lol

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It would be cool to like get on the subway or train, and instead of just standing there, unable to move, waiting for an animation to show the train or the subway moving through out the city. It should let you move around on the subway or train, you know, maybe mug people on the train. I've always wanted to see that.

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