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Games Radar GTAIV Information

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Games Radar, formally known as Cheat Planet, has some articles about GTAIV. Some of it seems new to me, but may not be news to others. So don't be pissed off if there isn't anything new here.

Here are some tid bits of information I got from the articles.

  • You can purchase food like we did in San Andreas, which was in Games Radar's demo when Niko bought a hotdog before meeting Jacob.
  • Early in the morning there are fewer people out on the street and those that are out seem to be a little dazed.
  • The ability to play billiards has returned and is taking a more important role by giving you a better chance at friendship with certain characters such as arms dealers.
  • There's no San Andreas-style leveling-up of your abilities with weapons.
  • There is an internet Cafe' called "[email protected]".

Niko will have to pop someone else who's got the goods on McReary, this time a thief angling for a payoff. Here's where things get really interesting. Niko knows nothing about the thief other than his location and a cell-phone number texted over by McReary. Once Niko's in the right place, he'll need to keep an eye on the crowd to see who answers when he dials the number - and who hangs up when he does. Once you've located the thief, your course of action should be a no-brainer.

  • It appears that the Pay-N-Sprays won't return in GTAIV.
  • You can purchase outfits similar to the outfits in Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. You can't go to a barbershop or change your physical appearance by gaining lots of weight or getting tattoos.
  • Your vehicles could get bloodstains on them.
  • When you go to kill Goldberg if you choose not to listen to him during your "interview" he says "Hey, I'm all for the second amendment. Guns don't kill people, video games do.", which sounds an awful lot like someone we all know.
  • There are police Humvees.

That's all the main stuff I got from it. So hopefully there is some new info for you guys.

Source ~ Games Radar

Again, sorry if this disappoints you if you already knew about this information.

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