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Thats awesome!! What is your favourite game for it? Also I heard that the UMD disc scratches easily. What is your say on this matter?

I only have Twisted Metal, which is awesome. And no, it is nearly impossible to scratch the disks. Let me show you why.



Notice the casing around the UMD? That leaves just an area big enough to read the disk open. The rest of it you can touch all day long and not mess it up.

Heh, spasmodically insane(who i see on gtawh, i'm 'a man'BTW), you look similar to this person i know

That image isn't showing up.

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Guest KingofCrunck

I have a few questions: how much does the psp cost,does it have good battery life,what games are for it,and how much is the case for it.?

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I have a few questions: how much does the psp cost,does it have good battery life,what games are for it,and how much is the case for it.?

How many times must it be stated? The value pack((only one out in America)) was 250 American dollars.

The battery life is pretty good and it has a pretty quick charge up.

There is a HUGE list of games already out, including popular titles such as Twisted Metal, Need For Speed Underground, Tony Hawk Underground, Ridge Racers, and Metal Gear.

It comes with a soft case. Best for traveling with. You can get a range of cases for a range of prices. I got mine in a 30 dollar starter pack. You can get basic cases, fancy cases, even a charger case.

Well the link should work, doesn't matter.

Dot.TK doesn't work for me, have another URL?((usually .TK's are only redirection URLs)).

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need to ask a big question!

im from england and the relese from amazon in june 24 i think

im america its out i think

if i bought a american psp from amazon.com and buy game from england etc..

will it work and would there be a differaunt buying a english psp or a american psp???

this question i need help on bad

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I just got my psp testerday it rocks you can download music and everything on it the gta game on it is so awesome i play it all the time :dribble::w00t::drunks:

I don't believe any of that shit. Why? The PSP can't DOWNLOAD music. And GTA hasn't come out yet. Tsk tsk. You suck at lying.

what is that twisted metal game about i think its racing but is it like any other games like that

Twisted Metal is a car battling game. Like Rouge Trip: 2010, and Vigilante 8 I think. ^_^

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How does the online play work? Do you have to pay? do you have to have a wireless adapter?

I use my Linksys router. A LAN will work just fine. I have one of those around, too. Any hot-spot or internet cafe SHOULD do the trick.

You can also play multi-player with Ad-Hoc, with is direct PSP to PSP connection.

I just finished a review of sorts about the PSP. Nothing special.

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is a LAN like a network adaptor cause i wanna play online with my psp,

by the way i think you can downlaod music if you know a site because there is a web brouser in wipeout pure and when u put it to the pc and adjust it abit you can acsess the interent like go on google and stuff it was this hack i found while looking on the internet

i want a psp but the uk date is june i think i need to know this 100% i want it in like 2 weeks cause my b/d is then,i was pondering of getting a u.s.a version but whats the differauce.

and what is your favorite game on the psp????

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I will go through this ONE MORE TIME. The only difference between regions is movies. Games are multi-regional. Movies are not, because of some copyright law or something. So if you want to watch movies, wait. If you don't, buy an American PSP. If you are really impatient, buy and American PSP and buy the American PSP movies.

No, you CANNOT download music with the PSP. This would require a P2P program, which I doubt you'd be able to run in the PSP without some knowledge of making it compatible. You probably can, however, download things straight off of a website.

What do you mean "put it to the pc"? You mean connect to the internet? Ok. Whatever. Do NOT go out and buy Wipeout in anticipation of browsing the internet. It isn't as easy as turning on the game and clicking on "Browser". They have a browser, yes, but it links directly to the Wipeout Pure Downloads page. You have to redirect that IP and what-not to your own small site with links to outside websites. It is NOT as easy as some people make it seem.

A LAN is basically an internet cafe. It's just a place with a big network, and a bunch of PCs. You'd probably have to pay to do it, though.

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