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The guy at ebGames said $200 when I preordered, but oh well. Anyways, I believe it's March 24, I need to recheck IGN. Anyways, Sony's deal with the PSP for US: The first million people to buy a PSP in the US get a UMD with the film "Spider Man 2" on it. That's right. Pick up your PSP quick and you get to watch SpiderMan on your new console for free.

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wow, its the best thing that is well, anything!

Anyways, Nintendo should just throw a brick thru the window and hit themselves really hard for being stupid with thier DS

All they did was buy themselves some time before PSP ran them otta buisness :cigar:

Back to the PSP, it looks nice, thought its a little black, but will hope be in multiple colors, disc size looks even smaller than GameCube's disc and its sweet looking

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