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its a eagle...sign of power...i think...

ava: 7/10, nice doggy, i think i've seen it

sig: 8/10 classy "school drawed" kinda...

Person: laughs of "LOL=Land Of Loomi", anything else i cant say, i dont know him so much

Heh, it's actually a robot called Gir that has a shitty disguise to look liek a doggy. He's Zims'(alien) sorta slave but Gir is liek seriously retarded. The show is called Invader Zim, hilarious show really....

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Avatar: 6/10, it's not that creative

Signature: 10/10, I think you know why

Person: we started off a bit shaky but you seem alright now.

Sig: 4/10

Ava: 8/10

Pers: Doesn't like staff and starts fights with everyone.

Seems like you're the one trying to start a fight. Oh and just for the record, I don't mind staff as long as they don't have a problem with me. They show me respect, I show them respect.

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