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One of the Ray missions - you had to take him to the airport via the tunnel, that's when he gives you the bullet proof Patriot.

I've gotten there by... taking a boat to the north side (up by the Stadium) of Staunton Island the running it up on shore, then pushing it down the street and back into the water on the other side of the barricade that stops you from just sailing over there. You can buy the apartment up onthe hill and save there as well. It is possible to get to the third island before doing your first mission.

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I thought it was "Grand Theft Aero" that gave you access to Shoreside Vale.

It has been awhile.

FUCK. You're right guys, I'm once again, very, very stupid. I was thinking LCS, not III.

Makes me wonder if life's worth living anymore.... :(

Don`t worry,you`re not going to kill yourself...are you? :huh:

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