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Useless information, but there it is

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:sigh: Likely to be my last update for a while - need to go do some other things that will cut into my game time. Seen some cool contributions in here - there's a ton to be found in this game :thumbsup:


On the main east-west road that makes up the Mulholland Intersection: on the western side where the ramps to the freeway merge with the road, westbound traffic will jog to the left (crossing the center line) before continuing forward.

A police helicopter can only shoot you if you are in the range and area of it's spotlight, meaning at night if you aren't in the light it won't shoot you - in the daytime the light isn't on but the behavior is as if it were.

I've done this with both the Monster and a motorcycle: While driving on top of cars and turning to create a tire mark - the mark will extend out into the air with nothing underneath it. I'ts hard to spot and doesn't last long but it happens.

Toss a Molotov towards a crowd and the peds will run but the cops won't.

If you're on a building targeting vehicles with the Sniper Rifle they don't react but toss a Grenade or Molotov and they will start speeding away the second it leaves your hand even if you are behind them and out of the drivers view.

You cannot target a device with a lens (Camera, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle) while you are on fire.

If you get a wanted level while driving the Monster from the Los Santos arena, it will be reported as a white truck even though it's painted as an American flag.

Also, if you recruit a gang member for drive-bys in the Monster the gang member will pop up through the roof as if it wasn't there and shoot through the back window as well.

CJ doesn't close the door of the Monster when he gets out of the truck.

If you turn a tight circle with the BMX you can still accelerate even though one foot on the pedal isn't moving and the other is held out for balance.

If you have a 4 star wanted level and there is a SWAT vehicle near the Pay n Spray the SWAT team will stand around after your wanted level disappears. If you steal the truck (1 star) they won't do anything. If you shoot one of them (2 star) they still won't do anything.

If you jack a cop boat the pilot of the boat will run towards the back - you will be unable to move forward as long as he is running in the opposite direction.

Drinks/snacks and stuff:

CJ can take a coin out of his pocket while holding a gun in his hand, he has as much coins in his pocket as the money counter indicates and he doesn't jingle when he walks and his pocket is flat against his leg.

It takes 380 cans of Sprunk to take CJ from 0 to maximum fat level, he will not puke (like he does with fast food), you will not see a health warning. His body will not change until you walk through a door.

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Well, this is what I found today:

The Marquis' (extremely slow boat) propeller at the end of the boat will not spin even though the boat its traveling

Park a car anywhere on that very windy road in SF near the Safehouse you can buy and make sure the leaves of the trees cover the camera so you can only see it. You will notice that, like that mysterious water in the Countryside, when the leaves cover the camera, the cars disappear, yet when you move the camera away from the leaves the cars appear again.

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Take Denise on a date, and take her to Mad Dogg's mansion to get the helicopter. Then fly her over to San Fierro to bore her so she wants to go home, then jump out of the Helicopter when you're above water. Denise will jump out as well and fall to her death :thumbsup: but she disappears because you're distance is too far away from her so it will be taken as you abandoning her.

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