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If EA successfully takes Take-Two

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As you all have heard, Electronic Arts has been attempting to buy out Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games who creates the series we all know and love, Grand Theft Auto. If Rockstar Games decides to go independent they’ll have to leave behind the Grand Theft Auto series, which is owned by Take-Two. So if EA successfully buys out Take-Two, which some say is inevitable, they will own the Grand Theft Auto series. Being that the Grand Theft Auto games from there on would be created by EA, would you still purchase the games or would you be less attracted to the title being that EA created it?

I would most definitely be less attracted to the series and would most likely not purchase any more of the games. Rockstar Games are the owners of the RAGE engine, which is being used to create GTAIV, so if Rockstar Games wouldn’t be making the games anymore, EA would have to create their own engine to make it and most of the engines I’ve seen from EA aren’t that great.

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I would probably go smoke crack.

But really, I don't know. It'd be unlikely I'd buy any more GTA titles, because, well. IMO EA screws up things more than they innovate.

Exactly my thoughts. If EA gets their hands on the Grand Theft Auto series, it would just die...Hmmm...maybe if EA screws up enough, assuming they buy out Take-Two, maybe they'll sell the rights to the Grand Theft Auto series to Rockstar Games, if they were to leave Take-Two before EA were to buy them out. Then that way the Grand Theft Auto series would be where it's supposed to be, with Rockstar Games.

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Cry, a lot.

First because R* games would lose their "screw it" attitude that makes GTA so gteat.

Second because I didn't own any Take Two stock at $4 a share before EA offered $26.

Never mind, I'm about to cry now (currently $26.85 :cry: ) -


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EA, go back to screwing up your own games, please. You're only in this industry to make money instead of pleasing your customers and rewarding them with games that don't suck and isn't the same shit from last year. You're a bunch of fucking sell-outs, and if GTA ever meets the same fate as NFS, I will personally break down the door to your goddamn headquarters and rip off your motherfucking heads and piss in whatever is left of the bodies your souls left long ago. Think I'm harsh? Probably not enough.

Think of it as payback for fucking up the Ultima and Def Jam series.

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Well this didn't take long. Take Two just announced moments ago that they are rejecting EA's offer of $2 Billion dollars. The press release is certainly a long one and features letters sent back and forth between EA and Take-Two. While we can rest easy for now, Take-Two stated that they are willing to enter good faith negoations the day after GTAIV releases.

That's from the link that mark866 provided (thanks) In the opening paragraph, read the last sentence that I highlighted in bold. It sounds like T2 might consider EA's offer; I hope T2 will reject ANY offer under any circumstances. The quality of the game is far more important then making profits.

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