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Hate Mail


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Heh, some people wonder why Killa E is banned, well, soon after I banned him he sent me about 15 emails.

The first 5 were asking why he couldnt see any forums.

I replied that he was banned.

The next couple asked whether he could return.

I replied with an emphatic 'No'.

Now here are the next load of emails, I've written an English translation beneath for the benefit of those who are intellectual.

Fuck all yall bitch ass motha fuckas

yall could like my balls or suck yo daddy dick

or eat yo momma out i dont giva dam what u do

i would beat yo ass u bitches or bitch


Fuck all of your 'bitch ass' incest friends

you might like to see my balls or suck your fathers penis

or eat your mothers vagina, I dont care what you do

I would hurt your ass, you female dogs or female dog

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha i fucked ur site up bitch and u cant do nothin about it

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha u fuck with my homie i fuck u up go suck yo daddy dick and lick yo momma pussy , u toss yo own grandma salad and u suck her dried up titys

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yo site fucked up hahahahahahahahahahahahaha u a dick suck bitch ass mother fucka hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

NHood Bloodz run yo site bitch hahahahahahahahahahaha

(The whole of this email was a link to a gay porn site, thus proving that he is "bad", otherwise how else would he know any gay porn sites)

hahahahaha y dont u say something back u scared like yo bitch ass daddy hahahahahahaha u scared to make a reply to me and guess what i made a new name on ur site i am bryce i tricked yall i was talkin bout KIlla E and Aemboy15 so yall woulnt no hahahaha but i fool yo bitch ass and u will never bann me again cause what happen now will be much worse next time hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha faget ass bitch

Trying to pretend he was bryce... my dyslexic friend can spell better than this...

hahahahaha i strick again

if u dont give AemBoy15 1,000,000,000 dollars on the site and if u dont give it to him by tommorow  this will keep happining and last longer

hahahahahahahahah NHood Bloodz hahahahahahaha u better do it or ur site will be destroyed piece by piece hahahahahahahaha u heard from Killa E u fuck with me i fuck u up hahahah there is nothing u can do bitch and if u try to hack me it wont work cause i got 20 different anti-hacking programs i could send u a trojan in 5 mins but i aint go do that unless u dont send him the money in 1 week bye bye bitch ass Chris

i will fuck u up hahahahahahahah

First of all, why would I want to hack some pathetic little fuck like you, and why do you have so many so called 'anti-hacking' programs, if you had 20 they would all conflict and your computer would crash. Why warn me you are going to send me a trojan, for a start I do have ant-virus software, so it wont affect me at all. Secondly since you've just warned so I can simply add your email address to the Black List.

Note: I didnt block him because I didn't think he had the ability to send a trojan...

Next he sent 5, yes 5, blank emails with a supposed 'trojan' attatched to them. Now here's the funny part, ironically the attachment had no virus whatsoever, this totally confirms he is a cretinous retard.

Eric Burns [email protected]

Eric, your email is on the black list now.

Post your comments :P

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lmao, he's watched too much tv or something. I hate little kids who claim they can do things.

(The whole of this email was a link to a gay porn site, thus proving that he is "bad", otherwise how else would he know any gay porn sites)

:lol: I knew it!

i will fuck u up hahahahahahahah

Better watch out Chris :erm:

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I think Eazy E is the most frolicking thing i ever seen.... :D

Eazy E is better than me... My brother and my cousin is a big time hacker.

My friend hack a F150 Ferrari... Hehehe! How sh!t big tyme is!

My brother own a big website in google and yahoo.

I will promise 2 be a good member now! :thumbsup:

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