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All GTA chars dead by GTA IV


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Claude : Everyone heard a shot in the credits , right ?That wasn't Claude shooting somebody , he shot himself ,cause he couldn't take the woman's babbling

Tommy Vercetti : Old ,but still breathing...and walking....and shooting

CJ : Hit by a bus after he went "checking out what's happening" after the final cutscene

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OK as i am sure most if not all of you know all the GTA chars are dead by GTA IV and that means everyone from the 1980s (Tommy) to 2001 which would be claude and i am curios as to see how you all thought it went down

If you played Grand Theft Auto 3 Ray Michowski from LCS told claude that he would be in Miami, that was there meeting point to there new life. And all of the characters are not dead. "Lazurus" aka Lazlow has returned in the game.

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