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GTA IV Trailer #4 Released Plus New Exclusive Screenshot!


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niko_2gl8_th.jpg rainee1_th.jpg niko6zl_th.jpg gta_pool2tl_th.jpg m4hwv_th.jpg drivegm9_th.jpg docksx5p_th.jpg diamondpm1_th.jpg blindfireae1_th.jpg car3ce_th.jpg get_out5mw_th.jpg fire_escapeswt_th.jpg sitting_downr5w_th.jpg shottyxyd_th.jpg taxi9qx_th.jpg

Those are all the pics I printscreened from the rewinded clip of the trailer. They seem like new screens, you see the blind fire option when in cover, you see Niko standing with a man who is examining a diamond (possibly after the bank job mission? :D) and much more. Hehe I noticed Niko likes to raise his eyebrow when aiming his gun at people (ex. one of the shotgun pics and the one where he's aiming his pistol at a car hijacking someone).

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