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New Stunt Videos


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No, it's not mine, that's coming at a later date. Johnline and his friend Sean have each created a great Vice City stunt video. Using various mods it makes for some nice new stunts around the city, as well as some well known ones. The video is DivX encoded so if you find you can't play the video you'll need to download DivX from Here.

Johnline's video is around 5 minutes long and is just over 36MB in file size, Sean's is around 3 minutes long and is just over 23MB in file size. Dialup users will need a few hours to download it.


Download Johnline's Organised Chaos - 36.14MB

Download Sean's Organised Chaos - 23.41MB

Post your comments on both vids. Enjoy.

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I got the first one, I liked the music and some stunts were really good, I like the use of mods, but is a dangerous thing, you have to make something spectacular if you use mods, I know the changes to the handling in the PCJ are not that much, but you can do better things with those adjustments, some stunts were repetitive, but most of them were really good and original

Edit: I liked the music in the second one, but once again, some stunts were really repetitive, good, but needed some more variety.

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Hi all, I only just found out that there was a comments thread for my and my friend's Organised Chaos video. Thanks for all your comments, some of the negative ones are helpful. The Organised chaos 2 videos are pretty much done, but I am scrutineering them for originality and repeditive-ness. This may delay the videos for realease, but will ensure they are good.

When messing around in Vice City, I find it hard to find new obstacles that have possible stunts, but I will scan the map extra hard for more stunts - especially for Oragined Chaos 3. I will add some new map mods also - some of my own, so I can pull off stuff on the original map which would otherwise not be possible.

As for bikes, I am still mainly using the Buell Lightening 2.0 and the Yamaha YZF 450. So is Sean I think.

Well anyways, the new videos should be ready soon, and a bit smaller in file size than the first ones. Thanks again for comments.

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I´ve been planning one for a while, I have some pretty good stunts, but I need a lot more and some original ideas, maybe I will release one, maybe I wont, but I love to stunt

On Topic, I am waiting to see the new videos, I am always up for some ood stunt video

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