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What would you do if...?


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Videotape it and share it wif me friends! I know I'm a bit of a pervert.

WWYDI gangsters came in to your house and started dancing really randomly in your living room, and beetboxing really badly.

Borrow the Manowar Sound track from Slayer and put it on my player.Slayers says that those songs are rocky :bleh: (Helps them to Dance properly)

WWYDI i punched the one who answers next?

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I would ask you what the meaning of life is.

WWYDI you where a munchkin (sp?) in the Wizard Of Oz?

I was a muchkin. My school play was the WOO, and i was in that faggy lollipop guild. It's probably because I'm around a metre tall, thats way too short for a 9 year old. Every one is my syndycate is taller than me.

Oh yeah and back on topic.

I would use my "special move" i made up and make your chin hurt really badly.


WWYDI you saw the protagonists of GTA and the games you like in your bedroom when you woke up.

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