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What would you do if...?


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Ha, oh man... Yeah well, I would relax, take it easy, grab a couple of eColas and just have a good time. And of course man, Vice City is the city of possibilities, so perhaps I could make a little fortune you know. And don't forget about the girls, ah, yeah baby.

WWYDI you lived in Liberty City?

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I would go back to Liberty, grab a Mafia Sentinel and blow up Salvatore`s Mansion, than chill out by visiting Marco`s Bistro where I will eat `till I explode :)

WWYDI YOu found yourself in the middle of the Sahara Dessert with no water?

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Hey, im a exelent pilot, so there is no need to jump out, beside's, you would get succionated into the fan/engine, or hit the tail and die.

Answer to your question: i wouldnt be Silberio, i would be Hitler, and i would not mess with russia, instead, try to make allie, whilst i research Nuke bombs, then, throw some small over England, US...eh...and any country against me, also, throw a H-bomb on the Kremlin, then, i would build concentration camps on England, put people there, and blame England, and then, take over Canada, and russia.

WWYDI I was the world leader, and you were my right hand, and Vice president?

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