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Sony PSP Released Across America

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Across America today Sony launched probably the greatest handheld console to date. The PSP is setting new standards for handheld consoles of the future, with a wealth of capabilities not just limited to playing games.

The PSP also has a pretty strong selection of games coming it's way, titles include the legendary Gran Turismo 4, and of course, a new Grand Theft Auto game.

Currently little is known about this new GTA title, and we have little content in our PSP section on the site. We'll bring you any news on it as soon as we get it.

Unfortunately in Europe gamers are still dissatisfied with the constant pushing back of the release date. A June release has been suggested in some articles, but we can never be certain.

For those of you living in America and have $250 to spare, I'd advise you to get off your ass and buy a PSP if you haven't already. If you are unable to get off your ass, get one from Amazon, and while your at it, why not preorder GTA PSP.

Good idea eh? Here are some useful links:

psp.jpg gtalcs.jpg

Buy at Amazon.com

Buy at Amazon.com - $49.99

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This is the time when I wish I have the 250 dollars to use it, I want a PSP, but chances are I wont get it, so much stuff to use the little money I make for, but if you can buy go ahead and play like crazy sounds like the next big thing.

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