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Favorite Car?

What is your favorite car?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite car?

    • Turismo
    • Dillettante
    • Sabre Turbo
    • Taxi
    • Rebla
    • Pink Feltzer (Lol)
    • Banshee

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None of them from the list - I have 3 favourites:

Sentinel - best vehicle in the game.

Comet - excellent vehicle, but wreaks too easily.

Escalade - very sturdy vehicle, and looks great.

Whenever possible, I drive a Sentinel - it's THE way to travel by car, exceptional handling around corners and very fast, plus fairly resilient to gunshots.

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omly one of those are my fav which is the pink feltzer but I also like

speacial color sultun- because its a speacial color you'll never see

sultun RS - good handling and can out run an infernus

dukes- because it reminds me of my grandaddys 69 charger R/T

infernus- its half of it is based on my dream car a pagani zonda

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