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weapons you wish were in the game

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I would say, more melee weapons, like golf clubs, or pipe, and hardware tools.

I wish more pistols, like 1911, USP .45 , Beretta 92fs

SMG- UMP .45

Assault Rifles - IMI Galil , Aks-74 , G36k , M16a4 , FN FAL , Sig 552

Sniper Rifles - Barret M107

I wish we could have m203 nade launchers under our AR's.

Ammunation....where'd it go?

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they should just add a spaz 12 shotgun, 1 more pistol one of those old revolvers, another submachine gun , another assault rifle, another rocket launcher, some c4, and one more sniper then that will be fine

actually they just need to add one of those g36c's rifles from call o duty 4, and ump submachine gun, 50 cal sniper, colt revolverwadever, a stinger missle launcher, brass knuckles and c4. AND PLUS THE BIGGEST THING THAT THE GUNS NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SILENCERS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE PUT ON AND TAKEN OFF OF YOUR GUNS DEFINETLY!!!!!!!!!!

criminals these days dont walk into a crowded place with a freakin machine gun without a silencer!!!

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... I don't think you can attach a supressor on the Desert Eagle.

In a game, no problem. That would be nice if it didn't alert cops & gangs unless they saw it or you attacked them


In real life it's doable but the suppressor would be huge unless you loaded your own sub-sonic ammo. Besides, the DE

is the one I bring when I WANT them to see me coming. Forget 911, you just dialed 666 & I picked up the phone. :evil:

Satchel charges (again) but for the multi-player. Hy heli lost the rotor, I'm almost dead, time to be a hero. Come get

me, I dare you.

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