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Hey i'm Connor, there was a mishap on GTA warehouse os I came here, but I think I like it a lot better.

Nice to have you hear, it's addictive. Theres a magnet, Chris controls it, it stops you from leaving the site for more then 1 day. Once you visit it for the first time, you just can't stop visiting it...EVER. True story.

Anyway, have fun :).

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A while back I was a member of a GTA text-based RP site called gta-junkies. It had a system very similar to the one used here. Soon after I joined, the website disappeared because the webmaster could no longer afford to keep it running. Occasionally I would search the internet for similar sites, but I never found one again until now.


So I registered.



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Hey all GTA players! Hope everything is good man! I joined today and I thought that this might be a good place to find lots of info about the GTA games. Now have a nice day everyone.

Hi Buddy!

Have a nice stay here.

BTW my day didnt go good.I had very less sleep.And have to go to Mumbai tonight.

Its another of those slepless nights :(

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