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What do you hate about IV..?

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I hate it's new system (I must use buttons I don't expect so I either crash or accidentally fire a gun and get a bunch of cops after me. The cop system is sucky even though it's cool that you can escape 2 stars. And I hate the realism.

What I like is the great car health that explodes after a countless amount of bullets and crashes.

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In a lot of ways, GTA took a step or two back.

I would have to agree.

I think R* left out some things so they didn't completely cover everything in the first game for the new systems. All they have to do is make a new game and include all the old and new stuff and people will be happy all over again so why cram everything into a new game and not have anything left up your sleeve?

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I wish they would have kept parachutes, planes, tanks, car customization, and added more weapons!

Planes weren't needed, and parachutes are rather pointless without the planes. Although tanks are fun to rampage in, they also weren't needed. Car customization was sort of pointless in GTA since you can rather easily lose/destroy your car.

On the subject of car mods, I would have liked to see mods that actually affect the car, like Driver:PL. They game got it

just right for this kind of game.

i know i thought of that too. like turbos and better suspention. realistic stuff.

Really, it isn't a racing game. You don't need things like that. You hardly would've noticed the suspension difference, as that's mostly in the ride, and mostly for the driver((which you aren't behind the wheel)). Besides that, it would be slightly different handling. Again, not needed.

I also hate that to look back you have to click the right stick, so it is phisically impossible to run( or sprint) while looking back, unless you have 2 thumbs on your right hand :thumbsdown:

Heh, I just use another finger. I've contorted my hands playing games like GTA so often. Not too hard.

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