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What do you hate about IV..?

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I hate most the people complaining about GTA IV.

I'd like lots of things, but it's still a great game without them. Things such as parachutes and planes.

Yes GTA IV is such a great game even without all those features. It just shows that it was not a little project put together to make money, but Rockstar put a whole of effort for gta fans and gamers.

It would of had been cool though to have parachutes in the game, but you can always jump into the water and survive. I thought that GTA put a well number of motor-bikes. I preferably liked the PCJ 600.

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The biggest thing I hate is the "new & improved" physics. Instead of making a sharp turn on his heel like in other GTAs

Niko makes a wide sweeping turn, constantly hangs on corners & takes stairs like he has wooden legs. Take 1 step.

Stop. Take 1 step. Stop. Take....you get the idea. Meanwhile peds just run up them. You could try jumping up them

but half the time Niko stops & vaults up them & stops to recalculate that he's doing. When you have a 4* warrant this can

be a problem. On narrow stairways he'll suddenly vault off the side when you jump, not much help when you're chasing


One of the few complaints I have about the game, but it's a big one.

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it just seems like R* didn't take there time even tho they worked on it for 4 years, i mean there's alot of things they could have done to make it better, they didn't have the slienced pistol or something of an option for it, there's nothing in there to show that sal was even there or joey leone, claude,cj, just the writing on the wall at the first safehouse, it would have been cool to see some of the old places in liberty city,but nothing there to show, oohwell, it is still a great game, i have it for the ps3

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