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Missing Island...


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I'll check, Someone has said that its alcatraz - is that really on the game, I saw some screens but couldn't tell if they were alcertraz Prison, or just Jizzys Club from far out at sea

EDIT: Nope, nothing there, just some rocks and Coral, but strangly, there is a lot more of them there than other spots in the bay. There is a sort of crater in the Ground near the spot, but an earthquake seams possible as I remember that when you reach Flint County, the Radio says "Bridges linking Red and Flint county have finally reopened after the earthequake" So maybe:


Well nice for finding it yourself, in real life that's called the San Francisco Fail.

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i noticed when your in front of the bar the waitress paces then when you jump it she walks in

the 4 dots on the map in all the corners are just to keep it hanging up i just realised :hurrhurr:

that is no sand in angel like some dude said could have been a lower sea level

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Okay then one last thing - Search GTA 3 in the IMG tool (Y is it called gta 3 and not gta sa?)


Search for that - Night Night :zZZ::zZZ::zZZ:

i imported into g max and this is it just a fan


They look like the Lights from the Lil Probe in. I realised R* name nearly Everything in the Lil Probe in UFO or ALIEN Somthing. Just thought I would say that if you are confused about it. But Serously now, No More UFO posts.


Maby the sand is not there because the beach is atificial, or the water Level has fallen

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