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Tommy V or CJ

Who would win Tommy V or CJ?  

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  1. 1. Who would win Tommy V or CJ?

    • Tommy V
    • Carl J

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Damn, CJ's losing, nooo!
well cj has grove street and shit but tommy would win he is tuffer cj kiled ryder and felt gulty about it tommy killed lance and made fun of him

Tommy has no heart, Carl has feelings. :)

It's not about who has heart, it's about who would win a fight. Also, whoever said something about it being funny to "diss someone for videogames and other ridicolous shit," go and talk to Spaz, he does that all the time, and it's funny.

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Man CJ is MUCH better...yes i cant use the fact tht he can build muscle and so on as evedence but that means yall cant also use the dumb story line vice city has as evedence. the story in san andreas is more down to earth and not so in your dreams like the vice city one was... yea tommy went instide for 15 years but CJ had to keep his ass outta jail cuz he had to get his bro out. CJ is the REAL OG!

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Ahhahha... I knew this was a really old topic. Jonny Vercitti bumped it when it was 20 days old, and then bumped again by LilTermite after 2 months, wow. Don't mind me, just that the votes made me wanna post, it's 32:33, still wanting Carl to win, though.

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