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A few notices

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Just a quick update on a few things.

Hard Drive upgrade

I've been informed that TGTAP's server will be undergoing a hard drive upgrade sometime next week. There will be very minimal downtime, basically as long as it takes to turn off the server, plug in the new drive, and turn it back on again. If all goes well it shouldn't be down for any longer than 15 minutes. If it's down for longer then some poor server techie is working his bollocks off trying to resuscitate TGTAP :)

Once back online we'll have an extra 250GB solely for backups. So should hard drive 1 fail, we can simply restore a backup from hard drive 2 with minimal data loss.

IE7 ad issues

Apparently, some IE7 users (not necessarily ones on this site) were complaining of the UGO ads causing errors to appear on some pages. A fix has been applied, so if any of you guys were affected then it should be sorted now. But seeing as how no one here posted here about it I can assume very few of you were affected.

Forum Awards 2008

It's that time of year again! The annual Forum Awards will be taking place soon. Look out for a topic discussing which awards to add/keep. Once finalised we'll be holding nominations mid December, and late December we'll begin the voting. Winners will be announced as usual during the first 2 weeks of January. Great way to start off the new year at TGTAP!

GTA IV modding / downloads

I've added categories ready for GTA IV mods to be uploaded. It shouldn't be too long before we start seeing them. Progress is being made on tools such as http://www.openiv.com, and once complete and out in the public modding will be in full swing.

GTA IV is protected against modding, R* probably got cold feet due to the Hot Coffee fiasco, but legal patching can be applied to allow us to mod the game. Details of which will be posted up once we're ready.

Website changes

Since I'm busy this entire week, I'll be starting on the planned website changes the week after. They will hopefully be done by new year. I mentioned these in the TGTAP birthday announcement last week, read that if you forgot what we're doing. Basically a new layout and such.

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I've already got 2 rewards, first being bad and second being good. I hope to receive an award again, something under the graphics thingy thing you'd call the "Best Graphics Maker 2008". Hopefully others who have started on their graphics could probably also be nominated too. I'd recommend though that if anyone here who's made graphics, but don't have a actual topic of all their works, should post one now with all their works, That is if they want to be nominiated and that way we could look through their topic rather than placing the only graphics we see available. Anyone who owns a graphics/signature/avatar/userbar shop in the trading stall should also post theirs, but then again, this all should be done once the nomination's start, so we know who's who. And if those who don't want to participate don't need to.

I don't think this was done in the previous awards, but I guess this is more efficient than looking at one, when you could look at more, amirite? (:

Oh and lol @ those who use IE7. To be honest, I use IE7/6 at college (Cause Firefox doesn't work for some reason) and I sort of got some error saying the flash script couldn't run, I dunno whether it was because the flash players update (Old or new) or if it wasn't installed, colleges just don't allow you either way to view it. :/

Anyways, good luck with the rest of the other stuff.

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i'm excited on the upcoming awards, i just love the previous awards even though i didn't won any award

but i'm just curious, the gang scene is pretty dead, is there any changes going to happen on the gang system of the forums?

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