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What are some good Xbox 360 Games?


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I suggest you play the Halo series, the storyline is really deep and the graphics are pretty good for an old game, excluding Halo 3.

Play Saints Row, the physics are funny as hell.

Midnight Club LA (Just don't smash your controller because of the difficulty...)

But it all depends, there are a lot of great games on the Xbox.

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I was going to go for Mass Effect and Bioshock, I've seen them for less than 60$ (US currency) and heard good things about them. I just feel like $60 is too much to give for a game. I like action with a deep story, but I don't like the general feel of Halo. I don't have ready-access to internet to my 360, so heavy online games are out of the question.

Anyone care to give a little background information with their suggestions? =)

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I have Mass effect and it's great. Lots of stuff to do,nice gameplay and a nice story too.

I also have Bioshock but I didn't like it much, I do agree it's a great game but just not my type.

And Gears is a must buy. It doesn't have a very original story but for a game where its all about gameplay that is understandable.

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Well Sky Sherman (didn't notice you changed your name :P) the good thing about Gears 2 is that even if you don't have online you can play with bots anytime you want. The campaign is really fun, you can play co-op splitscreen as well and there's a mode called Horde where waves of the Locust (the enemies in the game) keep coming and getting increasingly harder each wave. So yeah it's worth your money, also another great deal you can get is the Orange Box. It's basically 5 games in one (Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2) and all for the price of one game. I bought the Orange Box a few months ago and it was only $30 so you should probably be able to find it for a similar price which makes it an even better deal.

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Well get Assasins Creed. Though the game play is repetitive but still the amazing graphics and sharp textures and a decent story make you forget that. I see it as a Medieval Hitman game, speaking of which you could try Hitman 4 might be a little old but its awesome. I think these two might be multi-platform so if you want exclusives I'd recommend Halo 3, Gears 2. And you might wanna try Fable 2, i haven't played it yet but have heard that its pretty cool. :)

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If you're into GTA then you'll want to check out Saint's Row (& SR2) & the Godfather. A little different, bot great games.

For racing I strongly recommend Testdrive Unlimited (recently about $15 from local game store) & the first race game

that had an old school Cobra that handled decently. If you have Xbox Live (new decks w/ a hard drive should have silver,

many games include a code for 1 month of Gold) you can download some decent free cars, Similar downloads available

for SR & Godfather. There's also a lot of demos on the XBL Marketplace so you can try a lot of games before you lay out

any $$$ ( :thumbsup: )

Of course there's also GTA4 (I'm guessing you have that already for the PS3, but there's the DLC package for X360).

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